Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture Tomorrow?

Some so called Christians are predicting the end of the world tomorrow or the Rapture. I am looking forward to this. In the Christian Rapture world, millions of people will suddenly disappear. This would free up a lot of good jobs that are in short supply and would drive up the cost of labor and increase wages. 
On the other hand, the Jehovah's Witnesses that usually visit on Saturday believe that only 144-thousand people will be raptured or taken up during the rapture. They have been predicting this for almost 100 years now but have gotten it wrong. Or have they? On a planet of 6-billion or so people, the loss of 144-thousand people would probably go mostly un-noticed.


  1. It's been really easy to spot media junkies this year...I'ze like "what's with everybody mentioning charlie sheen?" and they're like "ohmygawd you don't know?" and then I'm checking my email and it says "pics of the royal wedding" and I'm like "wow the price got married" and then everybody's all like "you didn't know?" and now I'm like "today is what?" and they're like "the end of the world or something!"

  2. Anonymous, it's more fun than talking about Goldman Sachs and Wall St. stealing everybody's money. Or endless wars and the deficit.

    I'm tired of hearing that we're a country of can't. We can't have Medicare because wars and Wall St. are more important. We can't rebuild our infrastructure because we are busy rebuilding the ones we blew up in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'll give you that Afghanistan didn't have much to begin with. We can't have electric car technology or windmills and solar panels because we are subsidizing the oil industry. We can't send our kids to the same colleges we went to because they are no longer affordable. We can't have more jobs because we signed CAFTA and NAFTA and have agreements with the WTO. We can't stay in our homes because banksters sold our mortgages and then bet against us being able to pay them back as they created the bubble that made this all possible.

    We can talk about the end of the world though. When we do, it's like all of those other problems are now behind us.

    See, nothing really matters anymore. Except that the world didn't end. If there was a rapture, no one noticed it and those problems and things we can't do aren't going to go away.

  3. Political discussion bleeds into everything, but pop culture one-shots like charlie sheen and this rapture hoopla are all the media's doing. My point was just that it's very easy to distinguish who's got the media on their mind when stuff like this happens, and it's never surprising to see that the majority of people eat it up and regurgitate it. In deep, this discussion would become about brainwashing, and how easy it is.

  4. You make a good point Anonymous. I do try to shy away from the OJ, Lindsay Lohan stories. Still people are more interested in dancing with the stars than the amount of radiation falling on them from Japan or the amount of money stolen from them by Wall St.

  5. It's ass-backwards if you ask me. Shouldn't trite gossip around lindsay lohan be all we see, or have to talk about? In a perfect world, there'd be nothing else to report, and those trivial subjects are the entertainment all our entertainment devices are looked on to broadcast. Instead, we get told over and over and over what to think about, and what to think about it, by "important official" sources.

    I'd rather watch celebrity scandal than politicians babble their predictabe rhetoric about false stories behind real issues. It's maddening to watch that kind of real life bullshit. It never changes.


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