Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Raw Story Exclusive: DOJ plan to arrest state licensers, tax dispensaries could doom medical marijuana industry

A recent letter from the Department of Justice (DOJ), threatening state employees in charge of implmenting medical marijuana laws with prosecution, has forced some governors to re-evaluate and even veto popular legislation -- all seemingly in violation of what the medical marijauana community thought was a cease-fire with the federal government.
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  1. It was never supposed to BE and industry. It was supposed to allow people to grow their own, and to end the ridiculous arresting of people for having a joint in their glovebox.

    We need to LEGALIZE it, NOW. As it is our government is practicing selective enforcement, choosing which laws they like and which they don't - and dope growers/dealers are breaking a whole shitload of laws - they aren't paying taxes, (you try that and see what happens to you), they aren't paying business license fees, or complying with any environmental requirements, they aren't paying employee withholding fees and taxes... and more... either enforce the laws, or repeal the laws, but don't let one group of people get away with completely flouting the law.

    (LOL, word verification is HEADS)

  2. Rose, we are in agreement. You have a good grasp on this subject.


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