Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Sunbow?

A Cinco de Mayo sun photo from Eureka during my lunch break today.  A mix of moist air and some of those pesky jet trails or chemtrails created a sunbow around the sun at around 1:30 this afternoon.


  1. That's chemibow...

  2. (insert Peter Griffin's tired sigh) This is so old news that I can't believe anyone even notices these anymore. They happen on every single day on earth and is of course not a rainbow. It's high cirrus clouds passing overhead. They contain ice crystals, and at the right angle to the sun they create the halo effect. When there's a lot of ice crystals they begin to refract the sun. Instead of it being a lovely effect, the reality is that it means bad weather is less than two days away. I don't like seeing these because they mean clouds and even rain. Thanks for reminding me of impending bad weather. I'd rather be focusing on my Cinco de Mayo party...


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