Sunday, May 22, 2011

Texas Ignores Federal Radiation Standards In Local Drinking Water.

Today I heard Bob Brinker on "Money Talk" a nationally syndicated financial talk radio show compare Greece and their financial woes to California. He and many in the country hold California up as the standard for anti corporation or business friendly states. Bob's argument and many on the political right would claim that California's stance on business regulations has led to it's huge budget deficit. Brinker and other right wing pundits ignore the countries most business friendly state, Texas. Texas has a budget shortfall almost identical to California's. They ignore this. They ignore that Texas is one of the most polluted states in the union. Texas also has fewer safety nets and a lower standard of living.

Now we learn that the residents there are not only being polluted by the oil industry and a lack of regulation but their own government ran water municipalities.

Bob Brinker and other so called conservatives would do better to compare California to Texas than some foreign entity that is under a different monetary currency. California has the most strict environmental standards in the US and Texas has just about the lowest. California has large unfunded pensions and huge public works projects going on. Texas spends most of its' money on what the corporations want like a new stadium for the Cowboys at the tax payer expense. Both states have similar budget deficits.

California is about 15 billion shy of being balanced and Texas is 27 billion but they have a two year budget. California has more people, businesses and a bigger economy to pay back the debt than Texas has. The biggest difference is the quality of protection for its citizens. In California you can't hardly sneeze without some government entity making sure that everything is still ok. In Texas they try to hide from the citizens things that can kill them.

Below is a video from KHOU channel 11 news in Houston Texas about local politicians all the way to the Governors office hiding the fact that drinking water in 35 municipal water districts had more than the Federal standard for radiation. They hid this from the people of their own state because they said they did not believe the science behind the Federal standards.

I have been unable to embed anything controversial on my blogger account for some time now.  Here is a link to the KHOU video if you don't see the video box.
KHOU Video

Just another reason I don't listen to right wing politicians and choose to live in California.

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