Monday, May 2, 2011

Tree Verses Billboard And Other Oddities On US 101 Today

A Eucalyptus tree got tired of living on the side of a hill on Broadway ( US 101) in Eureka across from the Bowling Alley.
It wasn't happy with taking it's own life and had to take a billboard out with it.
The mess ended up blocking many lanes of Broadway and causing traffic troubles this afternoon.

This morning a bobcat excavator committed suicide by leaving the truck it was being pulled by and died near the HSU exit on south bound US 101 in Arcata. That also caused a major backup.

This afternoon not far from there, in the northbound lanes someone lost a load of hay. That didn't hold up much traffic as people just drove through it.

It was a good Monday to just stay home.


  1. Add a motorcyclist had to be medivaced from near Piercy and you have a perfect reason to hate Mondays.

  2. I saw that after I posted this and was glad I made it home tonight.

    My rear tire was leaking and may be flat tomorrow but I made it.

  3. Humboldt needs light rail from one end to the other.


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