Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trinidad Museum On A Rainy Day

Trinidad Museum Nature Trail And Seasonal Pond
Because it was raining, I decided to check out the work that has been done on the new Trinidad Museum. For those that have never been here, Trinidad is a Gateway to the California Coastal National Monument. The Museum sits across the street from Murphy's Market in the tiny sea side town. Once the home of Tsuari Village where Yurok Native Indians settled in the 1600's, It later became a whaling and lumber town that even had train service at one time.

According to Wikipedia, The first European sighting of Trinidad Harbor was by the Portuguese navigator Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeño, who did not make landfall. The next visit was by Bruno de Heceta and Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra of the Spanish Navy. Their two ships anchored in Trinidad Bay on June 9, 1775. On June 11, which was Trinity Sunday, a formal act of possession was conducted.[3] The area was named "la Santisima Trinidad". Settlers arrived on the James R. Whitting in 1850 and founded the town, renamed Warnersville in honor of R.V. Warner, one of the settlers.[4] The first post office opened in Trinidad in 1851.[4]
The town was incorporated in 1870 as a city and is still one of the smallest cities in the entire state of California.
Local books and maps for sale

As whaling and lumber died down, the town became a fishing village. Trinidad still has a viable Dungeness Crab fishing industry. Today there were a lot of people with their boats taking advantage of Sport Salmon Fishing Season that opened this weekend.

The Museum takes people back in time to the various incarnations of Trinidad from it's Native American history to the lumber and whaling days and includes a nature trail, seasonal pond and lots of information on local plants and animals and sea life. One could easily spend an hour in the museum just taking in all of the displays.

Yurok Canoe

A new Library is to be built on the same grounds next door to the museum. Funds are still being raised for the project and contributions can be sent directly to: Trinidad Library Building Fund, Humboldt Area Foundation, 373 Indianola Road, Bayside Ca. 95524.
Tsuari Village Model


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