Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Graffiti Artists Arrested Charged With Felony

City of Arcata



On Monday, May 23, 2011, at about 8:00am, Officers from the Arcata Police Department were dispatched to the area of the St Louis Road Overcrossing for Hwy101 on the report of a subject painting graffiti.  A Cal Trans employee observed the suspect, called APD and provided the suspect's description for responding Officers.  APD Officers located several people a short distance from the overcrossing.
21 year old Christopher Huizar-Garcia, of Reno Nevada was positively identified as the suspect.  He was placed under arrest for vandalism.  During their investigation, additional "tags" were located which led the Officers back to those remaining in the group.  21 year old Blake Nash of Reno Nevada was identified as an additional suspect.  He was placed under arrest for Vandalism and Possession of Vandalism Tools.
The amount of graffiti and the circumstances discovered during this investigation make these incidents a felony-level crime.  Both subjects were taken into custody for Felony Vandalism and Conspiracy.  They were booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.
The total cost for repair of the damaged property is not yet known.  The graffiti resulting in these arrests consists of possibly hundreds of "tags" placed at various locations in Arcata area.  The Humboldt State University Police Department has investigated a number of graffiti vandalism incidents where the same "tag" had been painted.  The Arcata Police Department is working to coordinate these incidents and to learn if additional jurisdictions have investigated graffiti vandalism cases involving the same "tags".
The Arcata Police Department takes an assertive stance on graffiti response and investigation.  Community members wishing to report locations where graffiti has been observed are encouraged to call the Arcata Police Department's Graffiti Hotline at 825-2587.  If you see someone painting graffiti, call APD at 822-2424.


  1. Now if someone could catch the punk doing it in McKinleyville. Looks like Gangland here sometimes.

  2. Somebody call the graffiti hotline, I see corporate logos everywhere. Eyesores!

  3. oh please let it be those stupid kids that have been writing 'tof' or 'tofk' on the front of businesses all over. don't tag storefronts or private property you silly toys. especially with your lame zero style capital letters... etch, tofk, tof, shoc1, sentry, these are the people giving real graffiti in Humboldt bad name. please go back to playing video games on your xbox or whatever it is you do when your not putting up crappy tags.

  4. etch, tofk, fot, shoc1 and sentry just pwned Anonymous 5:01pm. Love em or hate em, ipso facto.

  5. yea they really 'pwned' me. read the paper today see what happened to the sentry guy. wow he sure is famous, i bet he sure will get remembered. you should go back to playing warcraft or xbox as im assuming thats what you do with language like 'pwned'. i figure its warcraft as you proly think your smarter then the average kid playing xbox cause you use phrases like ipso facto. so smart-so latin-so hip.

  6. Your personal hole of pwn just got deeper, 6:32 guy. I don't make the rules.

  7. wow, a felony. All for writing on a wall.... how much does paint remover cost? and the half hour that it takes to get the paint off? Your charging people with felonies over something that is no where near the same level as say rape, murder, assault, distribution of crack cocaine, child molestation, you know....real felonies. Just think, some kid goes out and tags three spots and under the "law" if those three tags cause $400 or more a piece in damage, as estimated by some one in the D/A's office, then that kid can be charged with 3 felonies and if convicted in California could be in for life. Does this really seem like a reasonable punishment for graffiti?


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