Friday, May 13, 2011

Why a watch is smarter than a smart phone

Below is a picture of my so called smart phone below the official US Pacific Time on the Internet from the US Government.
The Internet shows military time as opposed to 12 hour am and pm time but it is clear that my droid is stupider than my old 20 dollar Casio watch. The droid thinks I am on the east coast as the time is 3 hours later than here in California.

I used the Internet instead of my watch because I could have just changed the time on my watch to make this up but the official us time clock has never lied to me yet. I use this to set the time on radio station computers so that everything syncs up.

This raises more questions about the so called smart phones. If the GPS inside my phone knows where I am, why doesn't it know what time zone I am in? I would say that if my smart phone ever gets me into any trouble with law enforcement or anyone else, I will just refer to this blog post to show that the so called smart phone really doesn't know crap.


  1. Not 100% sure but most smart phones have a setting for auto time update which is nice when you travel between time zones often.

  2. This is gonna sound assy:

    Get an iPhone.

    (I said it would be assy)

  3. Anonymous 8:36, point well taken. If I wanted a good watch I would get an iPhone. The problem is, I actually use this to make phone calls.


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