Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eureka Summer Concert Series No Band Photos

The Makaket does cocktail cruises and was moored back stage during the Thursday night concerts. Call 707-445-1910 for more info.

The Farm Store had a petting zoo at the concert and this girl likes her Rhode Island Reds.

Johnston's Amusements has rides set up for the July 4th. Block Party

Drive, bike or take an alternative mode of transport in Old Town Eureka Ca. More info at or 608-588-4638 on the telephone
Back Stage at the concerts north of the Madaket

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lower Taxes On The Rich Don't Lead To Job Growth

Congressional Republicans — during both last year’s debate over the pending expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the current negotiations regarding raising the nation’s debt ceiling — refused to consider tax increases on even the very richest Americans. In fact, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) blew up debt ceiling negotiations last week due to his insistence that those making more than $500,000 annually be shielded from any tax increase.
The GOP justification for its position — even with income inequality at its worst level since the 1920s — is that raising taxes on the rich will destroy jobs. “What some are suggesting is that we take this money from people who would invest in our economy and create jobs and give it to the government. The fact is you can’t tax the very people that we expect to invest in the economy and create jobs,” said Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH).
However, history doesn’t back up the GOP’s claim. In fact, as Center for American Progress Director of Tax and Budget Policy Michael Linden found, “in the past 60 years, job growth has actually been greater in years when the top income tax rate was much higher than it is now”:
For instance, in years when the top marginal rate was more than 90 percent, the average annual growth in total payroll employment was 2 percent. In years when the top marginal rate was 35 percent or less — which it is now — employment grew by an average of just 0.4 percent.
And there’s no cherry-picking here. Pick any threshold. When the marginal tax rate was 50 percent or above, annual employment growth averaged 2.3 percent, and when the rate was under 50, growth was half that.
In fact, if you ranked each year since 1950 by overall job growth, the top five years would all boast marginal tax rates at 70 percent or higher. The top 10 years would share marginal tax rates at 50 percent or higher. The two worst years, on the other hand, were 2008 and 2009, when the top marginal tax rate was 35 percent. In the 13 years that the top marginal tax rate has been at its current level or lower, only one year even cracks the top 20 in overall job creation.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stone Lagoon By Kayak And Canoe

I had the day off and it was sunny and not too windy.  Friends Brad and Shannon joined me for a trip to the camp ground at Stone Lagoon.  We weren't there to camp, just to have lunch and look around.  It was a fantastic day to be out on the water.

Friday, June 24, 2011

We can thank this moron from Texas for blocking federal legalization of marijuana!

Guest blog from Dave Stancliff at "As It Stands"

It seems that the opinion of one good-old-boy Congressman from Texas outweighs yours. Meet the asshole who is making sure the failed War on Drugs never ends:
Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), also known for his anti-immigrant policies, has said his House Judiciary panel will not consider the Barney Frank/Ron Paul bill. Period.
Now, we all know that this half-wit Texan already has his mind made up, so maybe there’s not much we can do about that. HOWEVER. What we CAN do is to make every single day of the rest of his life an occasion upon which he was reminded of his rank stupidity.
(Information and photo source here)
Here’s Rep. Lamar Smith’s contact info. Let him know what you think of the fact that he is now, by his own choice, the man responsible for continuing marijuana prohibition in the United States.
You can get started by emailing Lamar (click here), but this “man of the people’s” website makes you put in your zip code to do so (handy way to reduce citizen input), so you’re going to need to be from the 21st Congressional District of Texas to do that.
Meanwhile, you can call and write his offices: Washington, DC Office
2409 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 - ph: 202-225-4236 fax: 202-225-8628
8:30 am- 6:00 pm EST, or
San Antonio District Office -1100 NE Loop 410, Suite 640 San Antonio - TX 78209 ph: 210-821-5024
fax: 210-821-5947 8:00 am- 5:00 pm M-F
Kerrville District Office 301 Junction Highway, Suite 346C Kerrville, TX - 78029 ph: 830-896-0154 fax: 830-896-0168
8:00 am- 12:00 pm M-Th
Austin District Office 3532 Bee Cave Road, Suite 100 - Austin, TX 78746 - ph: 512-306-0439 fax: 512-306-0427
8:00 am-1:00 pm M-Th

Who Cares What The People Think About Their Police Chief?

After much support from the public to extend his contract with the city, Eureka City Manager David Tyson fired Chief Garr Nielsen today.

Nielsen out at EPD
The Times-Standard
Posted: 06/24/2011 12:15:13 PM PDT
Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen said he was fired this morning.
Nielsen said City Manager David Tyson met with him at the Police Department at about 11 a.m. to inform Nielsen that he was being fired without cause due to “differing management styles.” Under Nielsen’s contract with the city, he is due six month’s severance pay if fired without cause.
Hired in 2007 by Tyson and tasked with reforming a department beleaguered by a string of officer-involved shootings, Nielsen had recently been named a finalist for a position as Bend, Ore.’s, chief of police. At a Eureka City Council meeting Tuesday, more than a dozen people addressed the council and urged it to extend Nielsen’s contract, which was set to expire in December 2013.
Nielsen said he was informed Thursday that he did not make the final cut for the position in Bend. He said today’s news that he was being let go by the city came as a total surprise.
”It’s completely out of the blue,” he said. “It caught me completely off guard.”
Attempts to contact city officials, including Tyson and Eureka Personnel Director Gary Bird, were not immediately successful.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Community Comes Out To Support Eureka Police Chief Nielsen

About two dozen people spoke out during the public comment section of tonight's Eureka City Council meeting to support extending the contract of EPD Chief Garr Nielsen. The crowd waited through two hearings to get to speak to the council and they were unanimous in their support for the Chief that they say has changed their neighborhoods and the city for the good of everyone.
I have lived in Humboldt County for over 14 years now and have never seen the public in Eureka or any other town in Humboldt for that matter, so in support of their law enforcement leader.

Nielsen has been considering making a move from Eureka to Bend Oregon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Russians Claim Obama Covering Up Nuclear Accident In Nebraska

From the Nation

A shocking report prepared by Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) on information provided to them by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant located in Nebraska.
According to this report, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suffered a “catastrophic loss of cooling” to one of its idle spent fuel rod pools on 7 June after this plant was deluged with water caused by the historic flooding of the Missouri River which resulted in a fire causing the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) to issue a “no-fly ban” over the area.

Read More about mutant rabbits, radioactive whales and a 35 percent infant mortality rate for mothers living in the western coastal regions of the US..

Crabs Special Tuesday Game, Vets Get In For Only $2-Dollars

Tomorrow, the Humboldt Crabs will host the Southern Oregon Riverdawgs.  All current military personnel and all Veterans will only have to pay $2.00 to get in.

June 21st., 7:00 PM , at the Arcata Ballpark

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trinidad Fish Festival Today

It was the 54th Annual Fish Festival today in Trinidad Ca. A street fair, musicians, artists, beer & wine and of course fish were in attendance.   Below is the Salmon being cooked over charcoal.  There were also charcoal cooked white fish and deep fried white fish available.  The wind was so strong that you had to hold down your plate while you ate but the sunshine made it worth it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Privatization Of America

This is a long read but one of the best explanations of just what is going on in regard to our economy and the political machine behind it.
From Washington's Blog

Thursday, June 16, 2011

America Is Being Raped ... Just Like Greece and Other Countries

Preface: The war between liberals and conservatives is a false divide-and-conquer dog-and-pony show created by the powers that be to keep the American people divided and distracted. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this. So before assuming that privatization is a good thing, read on.
If these resources had always been in the private sector, that would be fine ... that would be free market capitalism.
But if they were purchased on the people's dime with our taxpayer funds and then sold to the big boys for cheap, that's not capitalism ... that's looting.

Greece is thinking of selling some islands. Austria is thinking of selling mountains to pay off their national debt. Cities throughout the U.S. are thinking of privatizing their parking meters.

What's going on?
Read the whole thing here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Horse Runs Away From Owner And Takes The Freeway

On my way home at about 6:50 pm tonight, I had strange on coming traffic.  A horse.  As I went down the hill from the airport on northbound 101 approaching Clam Beach, I saw this horse running in the median between the lanes headed south.  What I assumed was the owner, was chasing it with his truck and trailer.  From what I could tell, he was putting the horse back into the trailer at Clam Beach and the horse got away and ran up the south bound on ramp to US 101.

I got off the freeway at Clam Beach and turned around and shot some crummy video from the window toward the end of the pursuit.

Traffic was polite and slowed way down to keep the horse in front of it.  The guy got out of his truck 3 times to try to chase it down.

All ended well with the horse and supposed owner together in the median near the scenic overlook across from the animal shelter.

Monday, June 13, 2011

1480 AM Update

I have had a lot of calls about shows on AM 1480 here in Eureka. For starters Crabs baseball is on the air. We had a season opener Saturday afternoon game that broke into Ring of Fire. That shouldn't happen again unless one of the tournaments in July or the end of August takes place at that time.

Dr. Dave of Computer Talk on Saturdays from 10 am to Noon has been a rewind for the past few weeks. There have been family health issues and even Dr. Dave has had some issues but Evil Steve assured me that Dr. Dave Mason was getting better and we would be getting some fresh shows starting next Saturday.

Finally, Alex Jones. The controversial and passionate talk show host started on AM 1480 with an hour on Sundays from 6 to 7 pm. Due to calls, mostly positive, I expanded the show to one hour a day following Coast to Coast AM from 2 to 3 am 7 days a week. Still more calls for more Alex Jones led me to cover up two more Saturday morning shows, Art of the Song and Chronicle of the Old West that also air in the Sunday 3 to 5 am time slot. Those shows also have other airings, Art of the Song, Saturdays 3 to 4 pm and Chronicle of the Old West Sunday's from 11 am to Noon. Now Alex Jones goes Friday nights or more correctly, Saturday mornings from 2 am to 5 am. Alex Jones now is on 10 hours a week. Consider that The Karel Show is only 10 hours a week. Leslie Marshal and Clark Howard only get half that much air time.

While Alex Jones doesn't fit the mostly progressive week day programming of 1480, he does fill a niche. The conservative stations didn't have the wherewithal to put him on and after all, they we do have a bigger mix with a better variety.  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heroin Bust On The Bus

Eureka Police Department Press Release

On 6/09/11, at around 11:50 AM, Investigators with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit were conducting surveillance on an apartment on the 1300 block of 6th Street, Eureka. POP had obtained a search warrant for the apartment after receiving complaints and developing information the residents there were dealing heroin.

The suspects were observed leaving the apartment and boarding a Eureka Transit bus, which then left traveling westbound on 6th Street. POP Detectives stopped and boarded the bus after it stopped to pick up passengers at 6th and L Streets. The suspects, 59-year-old Danny Herring of Eureka and a 72-year-old female, were detained and escorted off the bus.

Detectives subsequently searched the apartment and located approximately 1/2 ounce of tar heroin (including 55 individual bindles packaged for sale), numerous hypodermic syringes, drug packaging materials, and illegally possessed prescription pills including Roxicet (a controlled narcotic analgesic).

While detectives were still conducting their investigation, the apartment’s phone rang. A detective spoke with a male who asked to meet with Herring behind a nearby gas station on the 1300 block of 5th Street to purchase heroin from him.

Herring admitted to being an addict himself and to selling heroin. He was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of heroin for sale, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of hypodermic syringes.

The 72-year-old female was determined not to be directly involved in Herring’s heroin sales. She was released at the scene.

Red's Crescent Drive-In Theatre Is Open

One of the few drive in theatre's in the country is open again this weekend.  The theatre would have opened a week or two sooner if  it werent' for damage to their screen from winter storms.  Joe Thomas  who runs the drive in  says repairs have  been completed  to the screen and the drive in is open this weekend.  Hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.  First movie starts at 9:15 pm

This weekend is Battle Los Angeles rated PG 13 starting at 9:15 pm followed by Adjustment Bureau at about 11:15 pm.

For listings through the Summer, call 707-464-1813
Location: 2303 Elk Valley Road, Crescent City, CA 95531-9413

I am somewhat nostalgic about drive in theatres.  Before the Internet, drive in theatres were the ultimate compliment to cars.  If you had the right car, van or truck, it was a great place to take a date. Many people my age were conceived in back seats at drive in movies.

 In the old days, there was a speaker on a pole that you would hang on the inside of one of the windows of your car.   It was mono and not very dynamic.  Today you use your fm radio to dial in the sound and it is not surround sound but it is in stereo The better your car stereo is,  the better the sound.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crabs Game Sold Out Tonight

There were audio problems with the broadcast of tonight's Humboldt Crabs baseball game so I headed to the stadium to see if I could help.  When I got there just about 7:30 pm they were turning people away because they were sold out.  They were still letting people with blue special event tickets in and people with season passes.  I just had one of those white tickets from the 10 strip and was turned away.

It turns out that one of the microphones died so Hok and Benjamin have to share. 

I thought I would post this from the bridge over 101 in my car to let people know if they were checking my blog before showing up late for the game.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Despite its efforts, even Whole Foods cannot keep GMOs out of the products it sells

By Tara Green of

(NaturalNews) Genetically modified foods have become so ubiquitous in the US that even the grocery store 'Whole Foods' now admits it cannot keep biotech foods off its shelves. A representative for the corporation acknowledged in May of 2011 that the realities of the marketplace have forced a shift in the company's previous no-GMO's policy.

(Correction note: The original title of this article has been altered to better reflect the accuracy of this story. As a clarification, Whole Foods does take steps to avoid GMO ingredients, but due to the massive use of genetically engineered ingredients in the food supply, it is currently impossible to avoid GMOs in conventional or "natural" products. As a result, many food products sold at Whole Foods do, in fact, contain genetically engineered ingredients, even when Whole Foods would prefer they didn't.)

Joe Dickson, quality standards coordinator for Whole Foods Markets, notes that GMO's dominate the market, especially for corn, soy and canola crops from which ingredients in most processed foods are derived. "Until there's federal government mandated labeling of GMO ingredients, there's no way to tell if packaged products contain GMO ingredients," Dickson said. "Our approach is to work in the spirit of partnership with our suppliers ... to encourage them to take active steps to avoid GMO ingredients."

Click the link below for the rest of this story and  see how Wikileaks, The US Government and Monsanto fit into this.
Learn more:

Happy Anniversary! 10 Years of Bush Tax Cuts and the Prosperity that has brought us.

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich.
These tax cuts were designed to bring us the current prosperity that we are all enjoying at this time. They were designed to put more money in the pockets of the rich so that they could create all of these jobs. The taxes from all of these new jobs and workers are helping to pay down the debt and grow the economy. This is what they were designed to do. Everyone should rejoice in the fact that we are not yet bankrupt. If we had stayed on the old Clinton path to success, we would be able to take care of our poor, elderly, sick and indignant among us. This puts nothing into the pockets of Wall St. where the money belongs. After all we all want the country to be run like a business, not a social democracy. That's why we hired all of these business lobbyists to help write our laws for the last 10 years. That's why we voted Republican and Tea Party. They have done a fantastic job as corporate profits are higher than they have ever been and US worker productivity is also higher than it has ever been. Greed is the new religion. Ask the mega churches. If you have done well these past 10 years, that means god favors you over those that have not done so well. If you made your money being greedy than surely god condones such greed and has blessed you with such riches for doing unto others and putting yourself first.

If you happen to be one of those sorry souls that clothe the naked, feed the hungry or work for the betterment of mankind, don't worry. Soon it will all be over. I'm not talking about the rapture, although that would help if people with these beliefs all suddenly disappeared. I'm talking about our country. When those that are blessed for taking most of the money and giving little back have run out of money to take, they will simply leave. They will find another country that they can take over and redistribute wealth in. That will leave us to design a new country. One that has nothing of any real value left but the quality and pride of it's former workers. The country will have to be based around those workers and the fruits of their labor since there will be little else of value. It will look a lot like the country we started 235 years ago. It will be up to us to keep it that way and not be led astray by corporate cronies and international banksters like we were the last time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Free Concerts On The C Street Waterfront Every Thursday For 10 Weeks

Saint John and the Sinners open the Eureka Summer Concert Series  on the Eureka waterfront this Thursday.  Starting June 9th  from 6 to 8 pm and going for 10 weeks, the City of Eureka and Bicoastal Media will host a different free concert from 6  to 8 pm on Thursday nights.

 The concerts have moved from the F Street Waterfront location to the C Street Waterfront location, home to the new dock of the floating cocktail lounge/scenic tour boat  Madaket.  Take a cocktail cruise of Humboldt Bay and or take in a free concert or do both.
Disclaimer:  I work for 1480 am in Eureka which is owned by Bicoastal Media.  I only bring this up because if I was being paid for this, I would have to disclose it as a blogger.  Not only have I not been paid for this post, it isn't even condoned by my employer.  I have faith that they will let this free plug slide and not leave it up to someone else to point out this great free concert opportunity for anyone in Eureka on Thursdays.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It was a foreclosure defendant’s revenge fantasy. B of A Gets Spanked By Sheriff's Deputies

Published on Saturday, June 4, 2011 by the Fort Myers News-Press (Florida)

Deputies and Movers Show Up at Bank of America to Seize Assets

by Dick Hogan
FORT MYERS -- It was a foreclosure defendant’s revenge fantasy.

Two burly Collier County sheriff’s deputies and a homeowner’s attorney strode into the Bank of America branch on Davis Boulevard in Naples with a court order and an ultimatum for Manager Erich Fahrner.
Fahrner’s choice: Write out a check for $2,534 in attorney’s fees for the couple wrongfully slapped with a foreclosure lawsuit by the bank, or a William C. Hoff Storage moving crew waiting outside would start hauling out furniture to be sold at public auction.

“I’m leaving the building with either cash, a check or a whole lot of furniture,” attorney Todd Allen said just before walking in.

It Gets Better, Read On

On a side note, this is the first I have posted on my blog without being teathered to the internet or using WiFi.  I am at Moonstone Beach using my laptop and Droid phone.

Trinidad Artisans Market Is Back

They started last Sunday and will go until about Labor Day every Sunday in Trinidad.  Located next to Murphy's Market the Trinidad Artisans Market features  live music by local musicians and handcrafted items made by local Artisans. 

11 AM to 2 PM
I should add that the BBQ is now going during the day at Murphy's, they have half pound cheeseburgers for 6-dollars and are right next to the Artisans Market.

Anyone interested in performing music or setting up booth space should contact Penny at 707-677-3976

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Humboldt Crabs Baseball Season!

Crabs baseball is set for an opening season double header tomorrow at the Arcata Ballpark.

The first game against the Fairfield Indians will start ( weather permitting) at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon with a night game to follow at 7:00 pm.

Here is a link to their schedule

US Senator Bernie Sanders Pleads For Shared Austerity
Into the speech on the floor of the Senate, he has a Freudian slip and mentions "Corporate Tax Holes".

Senator Bernie Sanders is one of the few people in congress that is not bought and paid for by the corporations. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Obama Nominates Founder of Natural Resources Defense Council For Commerce Secretary

From the Washington Post Wonk Book
Obama picked businessman John Bryson as his new Commerce Secretary, reports Zachary Goldfarb: “President Obama on Tuesday nominated former electric utility executive John E. Bryson as his next Commerce secretary. ... Bryson spent nearly two decades as the head of the largest utility in North America, Edison International, the parent company of Southern California Edison, and today serves as a senior adviser to the private-equity giant Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts. He also is a director of Boeing and Walt Disney, a former energy regulator in California and a noted environmentalist who co-founded the Natural Resources Defense Council...Senate Republicans immediately vowed Tuesday to block the nomination in a dispute with Obama and Senate Democrats over outstanding free-trade agreements."

RTT News reports:
Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, the Ranking Member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said, "By selecting John Bryson to head the Department of Commerce, President Obama is clearly demonstrating that he has no intention of backing down from his job-killing agenda."
"In fact, it is understandable that President Obama would select John Bryson as his nominee: he is a founder of a radical environmental organization and a member of a United Nations advisory group on climate change," he added.
Noting that Bryson once called the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill "moderate," Inhofe claimed that the legislation would cost American taxpayers billions of dollars, destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, and raise energy prices. says:
67 Years Old

Mr. Bryson has served since August 2008 as Senior Advisor to KKR (private equity). He served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Edison International (electric power generator and distributor), the parent company of Southern California Edison, from October 1990 to July 2008. Mr. Bryson also serves on the board of The Walt Disney Company. He is a trustee of the California Institute of Technology, a director of the W.M. Keck Foundation and The California Endowment, and Chairman of the Pacific Council on International Policy.
Lets consider that this guy served as CEO of Edison International during the time that California was being ripped off for electricity by Enron in Texas.  How did that turn out?  Enron and PG&E file for bankruptcy and Mr. Bryson served several more years in as head of the largest utility in the US.  Inhofe calls him a radical because he also founded the Natural Resources Defence Council.
A press release at the NRDC says of Bryson:
Washington (May 31, 2011) -- The following is a statement by Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, on the nomination of John Bryson to be the next Commerce Secretary:
"As one of the founders of NRDC, John Bryson is a visionary leader in promoting a clean environment and a strong economy. He has compiled an exemplary record in public service and in business that underscores the strong linkage between economic and environmental progress.
"John has long recognized the benefits of efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and he understands the critical need for us to continue investing in them.
"We look forward to working with John at the Commerce Department and with the rest of the Obama Administration in moving toward that brighter and more prosperous America. We also look forward to John’s leadership on the critical issues facing our oceans and coasts."

EPD POP Unit Nabs Two Males For Meth And Other Violations

On 6/01/11, at about 11:15 PM, detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) responded to a motel on the 1900 block of Broadway, Eureka for a narcotics investigation. This was in response to reports of suspected drug sales activity, including steady pedestrian traffic to and from a certain room there.
Stephen Douglas Miller

POP investigators contacted and detained two subjects in the room, including the primary tenant, who was on formal probation for possession of a controlled substance. While detectives were conducting a probation search of the room, a male, later identified as Stephen Douglas Miller (31 of Eureka), knocked on the door. Miller, who was on active parolee, was detained. A large fixed blade combat knife mounted on a pair of brass knuckles (a replica of the 1918 Trench knife) was found illegally concealed under his jacket where it could be readily accessed as a weapon. Miller was also found to be in possession of multiple meth pipes, approximately one ounce of processed marijuana, and a small quantity of crystal methamphetamine.
While detectives were still dealing with Miller and completing their search, three more individuals (non-residents) arrived at the room. One of the subjects, Blain Allen Kesselring (27 of Eureka), was determined to have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. Kesselring was taken into custody on his warrant at which time methamphetamine and a drug pipe were found on his person.

Miller was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of a concealed deadly weapon (dirk or dagger), and parole violation.

Blain Allen Kesselring
Kesselring was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and his warrant.

Pony Express Days In McKinleyville

I missed the Clam Chowder cookoff last night.  There are still 3 days left though.

Wednesday June 1st - Clam Chowder Cook-Off in Pierson Park - 5:30 - 7:30 - Diners are the judges, sample all the chowders and vote for you favorite - We have a great family night planned with a bounce house (weather permitting), live music by the Pilot Rock Ramblers, baked goods, snow cones and beer & wine. RAIN OR SHINE! Kid bowl is 3.00, adult bowl is 5.00 and bread bowl is 7.00.

Thursday June 2nd - Fireman's Muster - Ray's Food Place parking Lot - 5:30 - come check out the fire trucks and cheer for local firefighters as they compete in fireman games. Bring the family out for some wet entertainment.

Friday June 3rd - Pony Express Dance at A&L Feed - 7pm - midnight - Live music by St. John & the Sinners, BBQ by Ray's Food Place and No Host Bar by Central Station. 21 and over - tickets 10.00 each. Dressing up highly encouraged.

Saturday June 4th - Parade down Central Avenue - 11am. Followed by a BIG Pony Express Festival in Pierson Park - 12:00 - 4:00 - Six Rivers Beer Gardens with beers from Lost Coast, Six Rivers, Mad River, Eel River, Redwood Curtain, Kona Brewing, Ruth McGowen and Bear Republic, huge kids section, BBQ and food booths, craft booths, horseshoe tournament, McKinleyville Skate Park plus more!

Sunday June 5th - Gymkhana has been canceled. For more information please visit

More info and a parade map

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Largest Wave To Ever Hit The West Coast US

Tonight I decided to see the sunset downtown. I had forgotten that the lighthouse has a light in it.  It is not a beacon but does show the original glass lens.

According to the Trinidad Civic Club: On December 31, 1914, the lighthouse was struck by the highest wave to ever strike the West Coast. The wave extinguished the light 196’ above sea level. The light was returned to service in 4 hours by Light keeper F.L. Harrington, keeper 1888-1916.

The photo is of a replica light house that houses the original Fresnel lens that was replaced by an electric beacon in 1947.

Read more about the history of the Trinidad Lighthouse

US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur