Monday, June 6, 2011

Free Concerts On The C Street Waterfront Every Thursday For 10 Weeks

Saint John and the Sinners open the Eureka Summer Concert Series  on the Eureka waterfront this Thursday.  Starting June 9th  from 6 to 8 pm and going for 10 weeks, the City of Eureka and Bicoastal Media will host a different free concert from 6  to 8 pm on Thursday nights.

 The concerts have moved from the F Street Waterfront location to the C Street Waterfront location, home to the new dock of the floating cocktail lounge/scenic tour boat  Madaket.  Take a cocktail cruise of Humboldt Bay and or take in a free concert or do both.
Disclaimer:  I work for 1480 am in Eureka which is owned by Bicoastal Media.  I only bring this up because if I was being paid for this, I would have to disclose it as a blogger.  Not only have I not been paid for this post, it isn't even condoned by my employer.  I have faith that they will let this free plug slide and not leave it up to someone else to point out this great free concert opportunity for anyone in Eureka on Thursdays.

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  1. Bring a wind breaker or hoodie and a chair. There will be food available for purchase.


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