Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Horse Runs Away From Owner And Takes The Freeway

On my way home at about 6:50 pm tonight, I had strange on coming traffic.  A horse.  As I went down the hill from the airport on northbound 101 approaching Clam Beach, I saw this horse running in the median between the lanes headed south.  What I assumed was the owner, was chasing it with his truck and trailer.  From what I could tell, he was putting the horse back into the trailer at Clam Beach and the horse got away and ran up the south bound on ramp to US 101.

I got off the freeway at Clam Beach and turned around and shot some crummy video from the window toward the end of the pursuit.

Traffic was polite and slowed way down to keep the horse in front of it.  The guy got out of his truck 3 times to try to chase it down.

All ended well with the horse and supposed owner together in the median near the scenic overlook across from the animal shelter.

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