Thursday, June 9, 2011

Red's Crescent Drive-In Theatre Is Open

One of the few drive in theatre's in the country is open again this weekend.  The theatre would have opened a week or two sooner if  it werent' for damage to their screen from winter storms.  Joe Thomas  who runs the drive in  says repairs have  been completed  to the screen and the drive in is open this weekend.  Hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.  First movie starts at 9:15 pm

This weekend is Battle Los Angeles rated PG 13 starting at 9:15 pm followed by Adjustment Bureau at about 11:15 pm.

For listings through the Summer, call 707-464-1813
Location: 2303 Elk Valley Road, Crescent City, CA 95531-9413

I am somewhat nostalgic about drive in theatres.  Before the Internet, drive in theatres were the ultimate compliment to cars.  If you had the right car, van or truck, it was a great place to take a date. Many people my age were conceived in back seats at drive in movies.

 In the old days, there was a speaker on a pole that you would hang on the inside of one of the windows of your car.   It was mono and not very dynamic.  Today you use your fm radio to dial in the sound and it is not surround sound but it is in stereo The better your car stereo is,  the better the sound.


  1. I sure do miss those drive-in theatres. Lots of good memories.
    I had no idea anyone up here still operated an outside drive-in. Thanks for sharing.

    I don't mean to be picky, but I think you meant to say "drive-in" in your headline...not driven.

  2. You are correct Dave. I haven't seen a Drive-In sign in so long I had forgotten how it was spelled.

  3. I grew up in Baldwin Park (East LA) and we lived at the drive-ins. it was something we did at least once a week. and then there were the swap-meets during the day on the weekend.
    I really miss the old style theater. I suppose with insurance these days it must have been quite a hurdle to jump through to get it open.

  4. There are over 400 drive in theatres in the US. Hardly scarce. Too wet for profit in Humboldt. Been there didn't see that!


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