Friday, July 8, 2011

Prisoner Hunger Strike Supporters At Eureka Court House

Supporters of a peaceful hunger strike that began on July 1st. at Pelican Bay State Prison were in front of the court house at about 6 pm tonight.

From Mutope Dugma (s/n Janes /crawfird)

Attention: Beginning July 1, 2011, several inmates housed indefinitely in PBSP-SHU D-Facility, Corridor Isolation, will begin an indefinite hunger strike in order to draw attention to, and to peacefully protest, 25 years of torture via CDCR's arbitrary, illegal, and progressively-more-punitive policies and practices, as summarized in the accompanying "Formal Complaint." PBSP-SHU, D-Facility Corridor inmates' hunger strike protest is to continue indefinitely until the following changes are made:

The 5 Demands
click above for the story.

Here's is a short you tube of the orange mob.
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The Huffington Post had this.

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