Monday, July 4, 2011

Staycation July 3rd. On The Little River and Moonstone Beach Ca.

 The upper Little River less than a mile inland from Moonstone Beach Ca.
 For best kayaking and canoe trips, launch from Moonstone Beach at  or just after high tide.  Head inland and come back as the tide is going back out.  This is a two mile round trip at most.
 This is what happens at low tide.  You have to drag back your kayak from the ocean.  At higher tides, one can ride back in on a wave.
 The mouth of Little River at Moonstone Beach at sunset. The waves in the ocean were so small that we went out into them from Little River at about an hour and a half after sunset. It made the walk back well worth it.

Fire Dancers rehearsing just after sunset.

Directions: Take US 101 north of Arcata/Eureka Airport in McKinleyville Ca. past Clam Beach and up the hill about a mile past the Crannel exit to Westhaven Dr. exit and turn left under freeway to stop sign.  Turn left and go about 1 block on right to Moonstone Grill/ Turn right and go down the hill. Go past grill if you aren't hungry and the parking lot is at the bottom on the beach for easy access.
(not recommended for large RVs)

If July 4th. is anything like July 3rd., we're in for a nice day along the Northern California Coast.
Happy Independence Day!

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