Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's Up Wisconsin! And, McConnell Says Let Obama Raise Debt Limit

All 5 fake Democratic officials running in Wisconsin's recall election have lost and real Dem's have captured the Wisconsin State Senate seats that will swing power back to Democrats in the state that started the attack on unions and labor. It should be pointed out that there is still an election on August 8th, this was an unnecessary primary designed by Wisconsin Republicans to buy more time to take their state apart. That election will swing the power back to the democrats. 

  Democrats left the state when renegade Republicans took over the state and tried to undo over 50 years of workers rights.  They needed at least one Democrat to hold a vote.  Long story short, they hired a state supreme court judge to side with them on their agenda.
Look for the Governor, Scott Walker to be recalled next.  He wasn't eligible for recall until he has served for over a year.

Also, according to MSNBC, The top Republican in the Senate proposed on Tuesday giving President Barack Obama sweeping new power to, in effect, unilaterally increase the nation's debt limit to avoid a first-ever default on U.S.
The new mechanism would take the place of the current White House debt negotiations among congressional leaders and Obama. Those talks over spending cuts and tax increases have grown increasingly acrimonious.


  1. Why is it a worker's right to stike a company that they do not own? Or to exclude another individual from getting a job unless they belong to their union?

  2. Anonymous, are you saying workers don't ever own stock in the company they work for? Really?

    Why is it a company's right to exploit workers? If workers in a certain industry in a given area want to get together to support a living wage, they should have that right. If a corporation wants' to do business in that environment, they will pay the prevailing wage.

    As for your second question, the businesses and corporations people work for support lobbyists in Washington that work against workers rights. If you just work at a company that supports the US Chamber of Commerce, and you are not in a union, you could be working against your own best interest. The Chamber has been telling companies how to outsource their workers off shore and hired lobbyists to write laws for lawmakers to insert into bills to be passed in congress.

    To support labor against that type of corporate influence and money or free speech as the US Supreme Court calls it, workers have to organize or become serfs. You are asking why the serf can't just take the organized workers job for less than minimum or prevailing wage? Come on, really? Shouldn't some industries have standards?

    Companies don't hire people because of what they cost, they hire people because they have to have them. It is up to a civilized society to determine what an hour of labor is worth. Not International corporations and the international banksters that finance them.

  3. Tom:
    The elections last night were dem primaries in which the repubs ran fake dem candidates to confuse voters and stretch out the date of the actual election for another month. The actual recall elections will be Aug 9th for the six sitting repub senators and they will be up against the real dems who won primaries yesterday. The three sitting dem senators who are up for recall will run against repubs on Aug 16th. The dems didn't run fake repub candidates because they didn't want to resort to the fakery and money wasting of a primary. The repubs, however, are desperate and will do almost anything to remain in power and latched on to the corporate teat.

  4. Are you gonna change your post? You say "real Dem's have captured the Wisconsin State Senate seats that will swing power back to Democrats" but nobody has captured anything yet.

  5. Do you give your employees health insurance?

  6. Yes. Full time employees get sick days, two week paid vacation (3 weeks after 5 years, 401K but they don't match it and a great Christmas party with gifts.

  7. Because of this Rose, we have little turnover for full time employees. We don't have to be in a perpetual training mode.


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