Monday, August 22, 2011

California Was Not Settled By The Swiss and Burger Has Lost Its King

Burger King has fired the plastic king icon that was just as creepy as Ronald McDonald but never as cool as Jack Box. The creepy corporate person is no more.  I am pleased that I will never have to see the creepy ads on TV anymore.  For some reason, I don't find Jack Box to be that creepy.

The reason I bring this up is the leadership at Burger King has  also decided to offer a California Burger  based on the Whopper that includes bacon, guacamole and Swiss cheese.  WTF?  Swiss cheese on a California Burger?  Really?

Have they never heard of Monterey Jack cheese?  This is the true California cheese.  It was invented in Monterey California and now includes pepper jack.  Either would work better than Swiss cheese. American cheese would be closer than Swiss cheese but some would argue that it isn't really cheese but a processed food source. 

See Wikipedia for  real Jack Cheese

Also the playgrounds at McDonalds and Burger King can be filthy.  They may be more dangerous than the food as disclosed by the story below in the LA Times:

Erin Carr Jordan, a child development specialist and mother of four, has launched a crusade against what she calls “filthy” conditions in the playgrounds at McDonald's, Burger King and other fast food restaurants across the country.  Read More at La Times


  1. We agree, Tom, Swiss cheese needs to take a back seat to the wonders of Monterey Jack. And our favorite, Pepper Jack. People who support Swiss Cheese have holes in their defense.

  2. Jack in the Box looks kinda creepy to me.

    Almost like a clown, and you know how evil clowns can be!

  3. Jack has a normal family and he works for a living. His job is president of Jack in the Box. It's all too plausible. The company blew up the clown in the late 70's or early 80's. Jack came back and blew up the board of directors and took back over his company. Ok, it's a bit violent but it it a better story than many tv shows.

    And breakfast is served all day.

  4. Actually, Tom, California is one of the states that the Swiss did concentrate in. See the map.

    Almost 10,000 Swiss in California in 1890. As for jack versus swiss cheeses, in the right sandwich or dish, swiss kicks jacks ass. I'm thinking rueben or cordon blue. On the other hand, rellenos would suck with swiss cheese.

    Can't all the cheeses and cheese lovers just get along? As to the fast food spokespimps, I agree with Dave that the round head with the pointy hat is creepiest.

    Any time a marketing campaign is good enough to get consumers to voluntarily provide free advertising (styrofoam antenna balls, swoosh symbols on sneakers, the word 'PINK' plastered across buttocks) I find it very, very creepy and I fear for our future.

  5. There are holes in your argument...I mean cheese.


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