Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today Is Martin Cotton Day In Humboldt

In my home town of Fullerton California an uproar has taken place.  Six big cops beat to death  into a coma ,  a gentle homeless man 37 years of age. He died from blunt trama a few days later.  The O.C. DA and even FBI are now investigating the brutal killing.

See here for gruesome pictures and more.

Today we reflect on another person beaten to death by police, who died in their custody  this time it was  Humboldt County resident, Martin Cotton II.

See here for more.


  1. Last time I checked, "beaten to death by police" was a matter of unsubstantiated opinion. Stating it as fact could get you in mighty hot water.

  2. Last time I checked, "beaten by police" was a matter of unsubstantiated opinion. From the grand jury report, "As many witnesses observed, Cotton was involved in more than one physical altercation prior to police arrival. During those prior confrontations, Cotton was hit more than once after he physically assaulted others. These fights may have resulted in injury. [...] Some witnesses believed the officers used excessive force and some believed they used the force necessary to make the arrest."

    Your anti-cop bias, and your willingness to believe the worst of cops, is evident. The facts are not quite in your favor.

  3. Anonymous,
    I do believe we are living in a police state if that's where you're going.

    I am not anti cop though. I don't think that they should be charged with taking care of our mentally ill and poor people. They are not equipped for that as these two stories show. We can train them to be aware of people that have disabilities and or mental problems but that only worked in Eureka until they fired the chief that pushed that kind of social engineering.

    If our society is to make those that are poor or unable to take care of themselves outlaws, then I guess we have no choice but to beat people up and put them away so that the rest of us don't have to see them. I think it is sad what our country has become, and I blame greedy voters not the cops. Greedy voters that don't want to pay for funding to help build a more cohesive society because they want to keep what they have and to hell with everyone else.

    As far as cops beating on people being unsubstantiated opinion, in Eureka it the word of the cops against the homeless population that saw the what ever it is you call it when a guy with a gun and a badge, smacks around someone in the head and makes them bruise and bleed and they die in their custody instead of the hospital.
    In the case of what happened in my home town, there were more witnesses. What happened, did indeed happen.

    You communicate as though you are either a lawyer or someone with a background in law enforcement. Why not put your knowledge of the subject to good use and work to educate cops about mental illness and physical disabilities? I think It would do more good than just arguing semantics with a blogger that you are afraid to give your name to.

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