Monday, September 12, 2011

More Than 15-hundred architects and engineers question integrity of steel structure building on 9/11

Get some popcorn, this is over two hours long.  Here is the link because blogger only lets me post embeded video at the bottom of the blog.  It is posted under "Some things don't add up."

Watch it here or below.


  1. Link doesn't work. Tom, I'm glad you're posting about 9-11. Biggest crime of the century and Americans could care less. Amazing commentary on Americans. Can you imagine any European nation's population putting up with the type of huge lies foisted on Americans like the JFK assassination and 9-11? Europeans would sack their governments immediately for cover-up of this scale and because their populations' have learned NOT to trust government, to question leaders, something American reporters shy away from if there's any real controversy involved, jobs on the line if they report the truth.

  2. The link works but the video only shows lower on my blog. The exact code pasted into both places only works in the feature below the post, above the video that says "goodbye blue skies."

    The video is 2 and a half hours long. There are engineers and architects over and over saying that buildings don't fall like this unless they are being controlled. I am going to watch the entire movie tonight.

    I don't think that politicians and news people know as much as engineers and architects. My father in law was a metallurgist and he says the same thing. He was a total conservative that only goes for facts. He says we are being lied to.

  3. If the link doesn't work see "Some Things Don't Add Up" below.

  4. I know a controlled explosion when I see one Tom. I was a combat engineer and specialized in demolition. Blew up (wired anhd set)underground structures five stories deep in the Nam. Blew up a lot of stuff.

    It must have taken weeks, but people managed to set charges in both buildings anyway. The planes did not take out the Twin Towers. Period.

    I shake my head every year when I watch people celebrating 9/11

  5. Did you read this story today Tom?


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