Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reprogramming Your Brain To Quit Smoking And Other Stuff

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Dave Berman
I met him some years ago when he was with the voter confidence committee. Dave Berman and I have been friends since then. I can't remember who started their blog first but we both had that in common. I went from all over the place in the blog for the first couple of years but was forced by management to shut down that first blog. I started this blog later that day and have focused more on local stuff as I have progressed. 
Dave started with a book called "We Do Not Consent", I think there were two volumes and he had a blog by that name. It was what he called advocacy journalism and dealt with voting machine transparency and peaceful revolution stuff. He then started Manifest Positivity. The name says it all. 
Well, Dave grew that little blog into a dot com and learned something called NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You can learn all about it here. 
Now on facebook Dave has been helping people by "helping the YOUniverse conspire on your behalf." So what could go wrong if he says he can help me quit smoking? I took him up on it. It took me two 90 minute sessions with him and the want to be free of cigarettes.

I Quit Smoking!
 It was over two months ago and I feel so much better. I have a lot more energy and money. I was spending about 240 dollars a month on smokes. I went to a Crabs game before the season ended and didn't have to go out for a smoke which was cool.  Long movies, airplanes, buses, the Arcata plaza, it's all different now. I can smell the ocean again. I don't see the people at the gas stations where I used to get my fix.  No standing outside at work unless I just want to see the sun on one of its rare appearances.
  I have tried many times to quit before only to fail two or three days later. This time I really wanted to quit and it worked. I know someone that this didn't work on so it might not work for you if you aren't really committed. Dave gives you the ability to change the way you think about things giving you a new ability to be the person you want to be. He says NLP works for all kinds of stuff, not just smoking. Check out more at

In addition to the above, I did a testimonial for him to run as a radio ad which you can listen to here.


  1. Right on Tom! What an improvement it will make in your life. I smoked for nearly 40 years but quit in 2000.

    You're hit the main point on the head: you really have to want to quit. I did it cold turkey and was a grouchy bastard for the first two months.

    Dave's way sounds like a good alternative to quitting. Good job.

  2. Congrats Tom! I knew you could do it and I’m proud of you. Thanks also for being willing to be open publicly about this because typically the NLP work I do with people is private and confidential. FULL DISCLOSURE: the radio spot was a negotiated trade for my service.

    @Dave Stancliff - NLP is not an "alternative to quitting" but rather an effective approach to accomplishing that goal. It is about using your senses (sight, sound, feeling, smell, taste) to change how your brain stores and accesses information. NLP is used to eliminate phobias, trauma, anxiety, unwanted habits/compulsions/addictions, and more generally any type of unwanted behavior or bodily performance that is contrary to conscious intention (because it is driven by the subconscious). NLP is also used to build confidence and self-esteem, become more decisive, improve memory and accelerate learning.

    For more info, a good place to start is this article I wrote earlier this year that has been published in the Isis Scrolls and newsletters of the North Coast Association of Mental Health Professionals and The Emma Center:

  3. Tom, in case you haven't heard, your whole family is proud of you! Everyday is a new day and presents both opportunities and challenges. The hardest part is behind you. Just remember: one cigarette is too many and a whole pack isn't enough.


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