Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trinidad Arts Night This Friday

Programs for this Friday's events are sold in a news rack in front of Murphy's Market. It's called this weeks McKinleyville Press and it's only .50 cents.  You'll also get local news and other stuff.  It's a good buy for four bits.  If you are too cheap but still turn to the arts,  the Gazebo at Saunders park will have the bocce ball court and local musicians are encouraged to join in.  If in doubt, just look for people having a good time between Westhaven Center For The Arts and what I like to call downtown Trinidad.   There will be art, music, food and storytelling everywhere from 6 to 9 pm Friday, September 2nd. 2011.

Oh yeah, if you can't make it, try the first Friday of any month.

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