Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are Corporations Zombies?

Guest blog by Highboltage:

Are Corporations Zombies?

Are corporations the zombies that we have always feared (in make believe novels and movies) that have come to life in some Orwellian fashion? It sure seems like corporations are indeed the “undead.” If corporations are “persons” as Mitt Romney says, then how come they never die? The answer is clear. Corporations don’t die because they are the undead.
Corporations are single minded, just like movie zombies. Corporations single-mindedly pursue profits just like fictional zombies single-mindedly pursue our flesh. There is no morality except for profit, except for flesh.
Are they feasting upon us? I will leave that to you to discern, dear Reader.

Thanks Bill for the thought. Happy Halloween!
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  1. As a business owner, you ought to know better.

  2. As a person you should know better than to quote anything from highanybody.

  3. Corporations are cannibal zombies because they feed on each other as well.


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