Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Forest Service Gate Crashers On The Run

On Wednesday October 19, 2011 at about 0515 hours, employees of the United States Forest Service Office, Orleans, were alerted to three subjects in the locked parking area of the compound.  Two adult males and one adult female were seen rummaging through USFS vehicles and personal employee vehicles.  The three suspects were each wearing bandanas concealing their faces.  The suspects were confronted by employees and they entered a 1984 Subaru GL station wagon.  The vehicle then sped out of the lot and “rammed” the closed gate of the parking lot.  The vehicle became high centered on the gate and inoperable. The suspects then fled the vehicle, running away from the area on foot.  Deputies responded to the scene and discovered the vehicle was reported stolen from Hoopa on Tuesday October 18, 2011.  Recovered from the vehicle were multiple chainsaws, backpacks, gas cans and tools, all USFS property.  One USFS employee’s vehicle was also entered and an I-pod Classic was stolen, this was not recovered.  No other property was reported to be missing/stolen from the yard.  How the suspect vehicle was able to enter the locked parking area is not known at this time.  Anyone with any information of the identity of the suspects is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office with leads (707-445-7251).
This always works in the movies, crash the gate with a stolen car and get away during a high speed chase.  What is baffling is how they got the stolen car into the locked yard? 

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  1. I bet the one guy would rather have some victim's rights cash or something than get his ipod back.


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