Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get A Job You Lazy Bu...

Get a job you lazy bums was what was shouted at myself and those around me at the end of the day.
 On my way home from work, I stopped at the protest that was going on at the Eureka Court House.  The Occupy Wall St. group was joined by the supporters of the California prison hunger strike.  They were making their presence known by many signs, leaflets and even a movie shown on a battery powered TV. 

As a small not so fancy compact car turned the corner in front of the Humboldt County Court House and jail, a well fed  male driver yelled at us with instructions to get a job and other stuff about how lazy we were. He was obviously working hard yelling at us and moving the steering wheel of his little car.  It was about 6:45 pm and I had left work about a half hour ago.  The driver didn't have any signs on his car that said he was a courier, was delivering pizzas or was in any other way "working" while deriding us for not still  being at work.  I yelled back, " I have a job" but hind sight is 20/20 and now I wish I had responded differently.  One of the other young protesters said I inspired him as he had just been responding  to the few angry drivers by that he would love a job.  He had the right response.

A real job is what the Occupy Wall St. crowd is all about.  They are on the streets trying to protect not only my job but the misguided a** hole that told me to get a job. There were those that have graduated college with 50 thousand dollars in loans that they can't pay off because they have all the training and paper work but no job. There were other working folks there that, like me, were also done with their day jobs and showed up there on their own time.

The dick in the tiny car (I should talk, I drive a tiny Kia) that thought we should go out and take his job is not alone.  When protesting the war last year on a Saturday, I was also confronted by a**holes that thought because I was not working on a Saturday that I was a bum. This from people that are just driving by and are compelled to throw abuse and stupidity at people that want a better world for even those brainwashed Fox News watchers.

I feel that there is a movement growing and that many oppressed people are coming together even though the powers that be would seek to divide us as democrats or republicans, black or white, rich or poor, regular or extra crispy.  In reality, we had hundreds of cars and trucks go by with honks of approval compared to this one poor bastards attempt at bringing down the 99 percent. 

To the a**hole that pissed me off at the end of my work day I would like to say, get a job yourself you so called worker that doesn't back up other workers. Why can you drive around all day and yell at people why the rest of us have to work?   You should come down and join the protesters if you are such an advocate for jobs.  You are not only rude and illogical but you have the designation as being the stupidest person I encountered all day and I deal with people all over this country in the course of a single day.

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  1. All the right has to hold their base together now is propaganda and they're spewing for all they're worth. Unfortunately for them, this is a seminal issue that even people who don't watch much news, Fox or any other flavor, are sympathetic to because they see that this country is in dire straits in their personal lives. They can't afford the college for their kids they are promised is the key to success so they borrow to pay for it. They resent that their kids are called bums after they followed the rules and worked hard to get a good education when the jobs available won't support them, much less enable them to pay off the loans taken out with the expectation that the promises were true. They are looking for honest answers about how it got this bad and why isn't it being addressed and they aren't buying the spin. They don't have to be in the streets to belong to Occupy Wall Street. Their support is enough.


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