Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Humboldt Venue For Michael Franti

In the parking lot of Blue Lake Casino and Hotel, there is a new water tight venue being built.  It is not a permanent structure but it looks like it will  be a great place for a big concert.  About 3-thousand people are expected for Michael Franti on Friday night.

There are 3 smaller booths and one of them is definitely the beer booth, they will have food as well.

I have to wonder if Blue Lake Casino will use this tent again for other big shows if this one goes well.

Parking is going to be a problem though as this used to be where you did that.


  1. They say they're creating a makeshift parking lot in the empty lot behind the casino. The tent looks cool, but it doesn't look like it will hold 2500 people. That's how many tickets they're sold so far and there are 500 moe for sale. I believe they have a supply of ponchos in case of rain.

  2. that thing is permanent, it will never go away. at least the cigarette smoke will have a place to go. are casinos good for anything?


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