Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Humboldt Eureka Style

As part of the world wide Occupy Wall St. protest today, marchers met in Eureka Ca. at the F. Street waterfront boardwalk.  As the crowd grew people would ask who was in charge and we would all look at each other and say, not me.  I just heard about it on facebook or got an email or saw a blog.  Before the crowd left to a march through downtown Eureka past several banks, I think I discovered who is behind all of this. I placed a photo of him below in case anyone knows this person.

The cars that went by were all in support but 3.  One guy actually stopped in the intersection and got out of his shiny SUV to remind the protesters that he paid taxes so that he shouldn't have to wait for the crowd to finish getting across the street.  He was obviously having a bad day.  Another flipped me the bird from his nice brand new Chrysler sedan and I heard someone else yell "get out of the street". The rest were giving the thumbs up or peace sign and honking.  After the march, some of us addressed the crowd in front of the Humboldt County Court House.  People are taking shifts and staying there overnight to keep the protest going and they are looking for more people to pick a night and join them for a camp out in front of the court house.

Below are some links to grainy compact video of the march today.

Good video from others

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