Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pastels On The Plaza 2011

It started about 20 years ago with a hand full of artist selling sidewalk squares on the Arcata Plaza.  The money as then still goes to North Coast Children's Services.

Businesses pay $100 or $200 dollars a square and artists sign up and are assigned a sponsor although some sponsors and artists work together from the get go. 

These were done on Saturday and would have been in even better condition then but were still attracting crowds today.

I am told that the above square for the North Coast Environmental Center or NEC won first place.
The one below was actually some handy work from a skateboarding vandal.  I thought it was creative enough to include since it was right between real pastels on the plaza.


  1. A couple of corrections: first, artists do not sell squares and never did - North Coast Children's Services finds sponsors and they match them with artists. Second, it's not a competition and there are no prizes, so whoever told you the marten piece "won first place" was completely misinformed.

  2. Thanks Bob. I guess I was less concerned who took the money as to who the money went to. Thanks for making that clear. The winner info was from someone on the plaza talking to some other folks. I over heard it and passed it along. Bad info like this is probably why no one voted for this blog in your publication.


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