Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Do People Still Fly The Confederate Battle Flag?

I am amazed at how many vehicles I see in Humboldt that have the flag that represents the losers of the US Civil War on their vehicles. Are they proud losers or racists? Is it possible that they are too stupid to know what the flag actually represents? Maybe they never studied history and just want to be like the Dukes of Hazard? What do you think?


  1. Because the civil war went down just like the history books tell us it did. NOT! The media has turned that symbol into one of racism, nothing else. C'mon, Tom, you're more than ten years older than me, you don't see how political correctness, not historical accuracy or intelligence has demonized the symbol? It's counter to evolutionary thinking, to create such powerful printed symbols. Negate them with indifference, if anything.

  2. Are you calling the Dukes of Hazard politically correct? Seriously, you failed to answer my question. Why would anyone want to fly the flag of a loser unless they are still at war?

  3. Because the war was over a long time ago. The growing symbolic power of that flag is new, and very very dumb. Racism doesn't need anymore fuel.

  4. Tom, I don't know who you are or what your credentials are but your brilliance doesn't jump out at me with such a silly question. Read, and when you've read a lot, read some more. For example, read Post Colonial Psychology by Duran. This focuses on the multi-generational psychological impact colonialism had on Native Americans. Problem with the book is the author doesn't realize how whites too have been colonized in a way - certainly the southern states. History books make the civil war all about slavery but slavery was just one element of an economic struggle between textile manufacturers in the north and cotton growers in the south. And, having an alternate buyer in England didn't help. Instead of realizing their synergy, they struggled for supremacy. Slavery, at the risk of sounding unsympathetic, was a tool just like terrorism is a tool to justify what our country does abroad today. In the end, half of our country struggled to declare their freedom from [economic] oppression, in a young country that still thought states were autonomous entities, not subservient. That thought of freedom, of self-determination was not only crushed but metaphorically raped and humiliated in the face of the world. Thus, we have a deep psychological trauma inflicted on not only the southern states but all who still believe they should be free only to realize we were never free. The flag is just a symbol - no different than the pierced Indian at the end of the trail. Read some more.

  5. Good answer. Your response to my questions was like what I gave to the local Tea Partiers that I met a couple of years ago. They all went away for some reason,they must be happy now. Sorry for the side track but I used to tell them about the Boston Tea Party and how they had their message wrong because it was not taxes we were rejecting, but the fact that the worlds largest corporation, the Ease India Company was allowed to dock and unload tea without paying the duty or taxes that other shippers had to pay. The Tea Party missed the fact that our country was founded fighting the Walmart of that time. They wanted Walmart and corporations to take over the government. They needed to read more. Maybe that's what they are doing. but back to the confederate battle flag, why not the bars and strips which was the confederate flag? Why the battle flag? I believe it is because some are still at war over this. But why? There haven't been textile factories in the north for decades and the last ones left the south and went overseas during the Bush presidency.

    That flag is set to divide us.

    The 1% that runs things want it this way. We are the 99% and if we ever just agree to agree long enough to get a few things done, we can have our country back. Join the people that are getting screwed by this system and demand that the 1% stop trying to manipulate the rest of us. Stand together not divided and take the country back from Wall St. to rebuild Main St. We are the 99% and if they don't like it, they can get used to it.

    So back to your thoughts about this, are you saying it is like flying the Mexican flag over California or Texas? Both used to be a part of Mexico and then broke free to become their own countries but are now a part of the U.S. and no longer free. So to show my disgust for US imperialism, I should fly the Mexican flag? Perhaps the Pancho Villa "the constitution has died" flag?

    Where do we stop with that rabbit hole and when do we get off our asses and get together? Now it the time and we are the 99% to do it.

  6. Original anonymous from above. I don't agree so much with other anon's answer above. The "winner's" flag stood for allowing corporations the same rights as human beings, created wage slavery for all and physically forced everybody to fight wars for the "winners". The civil war they still don't teach any of us in school.

    The confederate flag stood for the Dukes of Hazzard the entire time I was growing up. If it were today, I'd have been surrounded by people telling me to make some sort of hate out of it. Later, the flag sparked discussions about what the civil war was really about. Now, thanks to the likes of countless blog topics such as this one, all the flag seems to do is make well meaning reactionists out of people. Except their own reaction is hate itself...they feel they gotta get upset, point fingers and cry 'racist'.

    Hazzard's neighboring county sheriff was black, and boss hogg was cool with him and he was cool with boss hogg. Fuggin Boss Hogg. The brady bunch was way more racist than the dukes of friggin hazzard.

  7. I go to check out the other local blogs and Hank Sims has this:

    You are invited to participate this Saturday, October 22nd, in a public event, titled “No Hate Here.” This event will provide a space for a community response to the murder of local resident Reginald Alan Clark, 53, an African American, October 4, 2011 and Cody Myers in Oregon. Both were killed by white supremacists who were later arrested on their way to Sacramento to “kill more Jews.” These murders, as we know, are part of a broader, although often ignored, pattern of bias and hate-based ideas, discrimination and violence in our local, national and global community

    “No Hate Here” will allow people to express their fears and concerns, to understand the links between different forms of bias and the increase of attacks in periods of economic crisis, as well as share tools with other community members for empowerment, safety, and the strengthening of community. By coming together we can demonstrate our common dedication to creating and living in a community (and a world) built on compassion, nonviolence and justice.

    Corner of Harris and J. Eureka "boys and girls club"

  8. ...i do agree wtih the overall point of other anon's reply, though.

  9. Gonna be a gym full of people just a rearin' to throw some hate on people who fly confederate flags!

    There was a murder here a few days ago and it was white racists doing their thing. Why do they do it? They have a lot of hate. Hate divides us and is of no use unless there is war.

  11. Well no duh, but it has nothing to do with symbols...unless you make it so.

  12. Is this a war or is this something else? Symbols are used to define which side of the war you are on. We are all on the same planet. We all breathe the same air. We all suffer the consequences of having a free society with a public that gives away their right to manage it.

    The people elected in this country are usually elected with less than 20 or 30 percent of the voting population which is made up of only about half of those that are registered to vote.

    Many people think that they don't matter in the big picture or just don't want to bother. And then there are the problems with the machines that are owned and secretly operated by private for profit corporations that count the votes in secret with algorithms and software that your local secretary of state can't even examine for errors with their expert. Most of our votes are counted by private companies on machines that can't be verified and this is a fact. See

    We have to stand together to call for reforms to our democracy and how we vote, we have to learn to stop letting people just divide us with symbols, and we have to look around at each other and see that we are the 99% and the 1% can't change what we decide.

  13. Imagine if nobody gave a shit when they called eachother names. Can't even do it on the internet. Gotta pretend, play a game. Sensitivity on the rise, tollerance on the low...while preaching tollerance and hating against those who don't tollerate. Like a bunch of caged lab rats talking circles around eachother as though they were responsible for their own predicament. Any new awakening is stuck in teh mud spinning its wheels.

  14. Tom, It's been a while. Are you feeling it's futile yet? Have we occupied anything for long enough to make a difference? If we stir 80% of the US citizens to stand up to the coming austerity measures, all we will do is wave signs and confess our belief in non-violent protest - until everyone gets bored and goes home. We are powerless! Say that 10 times. Maybe you will touch on the rage brewing in many people's minds, in knowing what they can't admit to themselves - my government is a wife-beater of which I'm totally dependent and there is nowhere else I can turn. I'll sit and oil my AR-15 but in the end I won't be able to pull the trigger because I am, we are, cowards and when they take all the guns (our token phallic symbols of self-defense and illusion of self-determination) we will just stand there dumbfounded, impotent. Yes, we are angry because we have been betrayed and all knowledge has done is awaken us to the stark reality of our servitude. At best we hope to endure. Like the movie The Network, we just want to be left with our TV, safe in our living-rooms, just leave us alone. But first we have to get mad, really mad. There will come a day, right here in our local, when we will no longer consider Al Quida terrorists or even insurgents but patriots because they stood and said Multinationals get the hell out! Will we ever blockade 101 and say UN, Feds, get the hell out!? If only we were that brave and committed. Maybe it's more a degree of desperation. Maybe with austerity measures and/or a 50% tax rate some will get really mad and the anger will become focused. You know, there's a great big base in S. Cal. that was practically given to the Chinese. It's an inland port of sorts where the plastic flows from container ship to trucks. A great polish hero of some time back, Lech Walesa, would have shut that place down. Such a lowly hero changed history - not Reagan by the way. I don't know when or where this will spark but the men in blue better clean up their act because blue=bad; men in cammo are still loved but it will only take a couple Kent States to turn that smile upside down. I'm all for a Gandhi approach but we have to sit down, stop working the ports, stop driving the trucks, stop picking up the trash, stop delivering the produce, pull ever dime we have from the banks and investment houses. But don't be naive, this will only lead to conscetions, not change. We need to think bigger, a sort of Neuramburg trial, maybe slightly less than the French revolution or Stalinist retribution, but not too much less. And who will lead this change when pacifists are still waving signs? Rednecks with battle flags and Molotovs. Anon1

  15. I am struck by this reply:
    "That thought of freedom, of self-determination was not only crushed but metaphorically raped and humiliated in the face of the world. Thus, we have a deep psychological trauma inflicted on not only the southern states but all who still believe they should be free only to realize we were never free."
    - It is not intellectually sound, to try to pose the civil war as being between the big bad federal government, and a people just wishing for freedom and self determination, when that skewed theory of "freedom" was predicated on obscuring the freedom of others. The South was not interested in self determination in the manipulative way you suggest here. It was interested in a life without having to work, whilst others with darker skin worked for them. The South indeed fought for State's rights. The State's rights to allow white people the right to own black people. The Confederate Flag is a disgrace. The most abhorrent symbol of anti-freedom, anti-humanist, anti-secular principles America has ever known. To pose it as a symbol of a conquered victim, is ludicrous.

  16. You cant say pepole who fly the confederate flag is still at war it is a fact that more than one race fly this flag it usauly represents southern roots but like anything in this time one bad apple ruins the whole bunch do racsist fly it yes but not all are still at war as a vet who served in a war I believe that the american flag should be pledged to but hey they done away with that in schools so stop an think maybe they fly the flag becouse it represents their roots and as far as being a loser hey there is football teams who havnt won a superbowl or games for that matter but pepole still wear the colors.


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