Saturday, October 22, 2011

Will New Trinidad Pier Replace Old Pier Charm?

The old Trinidad pier with its crocked  crooked old buildings and old bent light posts, pilings and crab equipment did have a certain charm. It did need some work though. While kayaking under the pier I saw several wooden pilings that you could stick your paddle through. The new pier will sit higher off the water as you can see from the construction going on in the photograph.

The new pier will be built of steel and concrete. It may not have the same charm but I'll be much safer for crab fishermen during storms. Truth is, I haven't seen an artists rendering of what the new pier will look like.
There are some great drawings of how the constructions is to be done here.
Here is what it says about the project summary in the website.  This site tracks money spent on the Stimulus that many republicans said didn't provide any jobs or do any good.


The Trinidad Rancheria has taken on the responsibility of reconstructing the pier to provide a safe and environmentally friendly facility and to provide resource enhancement for the area. The Trinidad Rancheria proposes to correct the structural deficiencies of the pier: 1. To enable our Commercial Fishing Fleet to continue one of the remaining industries in Northern California, 2. To allow the City of Trinidad whose businesses depend on this industry as well as tourism to continue, 3. To provide jobs to Trinidad Rancheria Tribal Members and the entire community, 4. To improve the pier utilities for the benefit of the public, and 5. To indirectly improve the water quality conditions and provide additional habitat for the biological community in the ASBS. The structural integrity of the pier is difficult to maintain because of the deterioration of creosote treated Douglas fir piles. The new pier will be 540? long and will vary in width from 24?-26? to match the existing footprint. The current pier will be replaced with 13,500 square feet of recast concrete decking, 115 concrete piles (including batter and motor piles) four hoists, standard lights, guardrail and dock utilities pipes including power, water and phone. Stairs will be replaced with an ADA compliant ramp, and a new storm drain system will be incorporated into the new pier design.

Clarification of Codes


  1. I know you meant crooked (and not crocked) old buildings...
    ...unless of course, the buildings were actually drunk when you took those photos.

    Nice photos by the way.

  2. Crooked yes. I was the one that was crocked. In this tiny drinking village with the fishing problem these things sometimes get mixed up.

  3. Tom- I was told the super structure with the giant timbers on i-beams is for the monster crane working there. The actual height of the pier should be closer to what it was before once the crane leaves. And they plan to wrap it up by the end of the year.


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