Monday, November 14, 2011

600 Police Officers Take Down Tents In Oakland - 50 Police Officers Take Down Tents Eureka Ca.

Oakland Mayor's top legal aid resigned last night and joined the Occupy Oakland movement. This morning, 600 officers were used to take down some tents.

In Northern California, Eureka used some 50 officers to remove about a dozen tents and people that were in them this morning according to reports. Lost Coast Outpost has good coverage today.

SF Gate had this:
(11-14) 09:47 PST EUREKA -- Police in Eureka arrested 31 adults and one juvenile early this morning when they cleared out the Occupy Eureka camp for the second time in as many weeks.
The early morning raid on camp outside of the Humboldt County Courthouse was largely peaceful, except for one person who threw a chunk of asphalt at police, said Eureka police Sgt. Stephen Watson.
Police arrested 13 people when they cleared out the camp early last week, but many of the protesters returned as soon as they were released, Watson said.
"That time was more of a warning," he said. "This time around the department went with, well, a little more stern disposition."
But protesters said they didn't get a warning and were roughed up by police.
"Pain compliance techniques, including the use of nunchaku-like devices, were used on non-violent, cooperative demonstrators and their cries for help could be heard from across the street," according to an e-mail from the Occupy Eureka group.
Police walked the 32 arrested people around the corner to the county jail, which is part of the courthouse. They will be held until they post bail, Watson said.
The district attorney has agreed to prosecute participants for unlawful lodging and other charges, Watson said. Confiscated tents and other supplies will likely be held as evidence until court proceedings are complete.
County officials will probably erect a semi-permanent fence around the courthouse lawn to keep protesters from returning, he said.
"We had a lot of complaints from residents, from businesses and from the county," he said.

The North Coast Journal has before and after pictures.

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