Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Eureka Back By Popular Demand

After 13 people were arrested at Occupy Eureka this morning and all of their camping gear was dumped in Coopers Gulch, they came back.  The 13 got out of jail and the orange plastic fence put around the grassy area of the Humboldt County Court House was pulled up and deposited in front of the glass doors of the 5th St. entrance to the court.

The crowd which grew from being joined by the 2 Arcata Occupy groups was a bit rowdy tonight and even blocked traffic once to the point that someone almost got run over.  The Eureka Police came after that and about a dozen of them held up on two corners across the street. 

Andrew Goff of the North Coast Journal has been tweeting and said in one tweet:
Andrew Goff

EPD officer informs me they have no plans on removing protesters. "We're just trying to keep the road clear." Camping=no. Protesting=cool.
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EPD In riot gear in front of US Bank that was made famous from the song Who Pooped and Peed on the Bank

Here is a link to a you tube video I shot.
Here is one with more chanting.


  1. "... their camping gear was dumped in Coopers Gulch.."?!

  2. I heard that from more than one person. I didn't go there to see for myself. It was too dark tonight to tell.


    Here is video from KIEM news Ch. 3 about the campers stuff moved to Coopers Gulch.

  4. It looks like the occupiers moved the stuff to the gulch. I can't verify that though. Protesters told me their stuff was loaded onto a large truck and hauled away and that they wanted it back.

  5. Tom, it's my understanding that the campers loaded most of their gear into a friend's truck, who then took it away, but that the EPD removed some of it too. I highly doubt EPD would have dumped the stuff in the gulch.

  6. Thanks Mark for clearing that part up. So the EPD still has the stuff they hauled away and protesters may be able to get that stuff back?

  7. A link in the capiton of the last picture posted takes you to a song making fun of our local media.


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