Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Motto " In God We Trust"

Our motto " In God We Trust"
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In these times of high unemployment and crumbling infrastructure, the US House of Representatives spent much of the day reaffirming that as a country our motto is not E Pluribus Unum but In God We Trust.
Instead of figuring out what to do about fixing the problems of our country, they went for a make over with a new motto.
The next time some child is a casualty of a drone strike on her dad, because he is deemed a terrorist by our president, just remember our motto " In God We Trust". It's not really our president that does these things for he is just trusting in god to do the right thing, what ever that is? When someone scores a hit of smack or wants to buy sex, In God We Trust is our motto and is on the money exchanged for it. For some reason, call it communist hysteria in the 1950's, congress added " one nation under god" to the Pledge of Allegiance. At the same time they put gods name on our money. God is now involved with the money changers, banksters, gangsters, drug dealers, prostitutes, murder for hire and all other filth done in the name of the almighty dollar!
 I wonder how god feels about all of this? His son said sell everything and follow me. When asked about taxes he said " who's face is on the coin?" Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's. Why does congress want us to equate wealth with god?
 Why put it on the money? Because money has become their new god.


  1. Thus confirming the country is run by religious loonies who believe in sky cake.

  2. People who believe it's all in god's hands can't be expected to do anything to alleviate what god allows. It's not their responsibility.

  3. Sky Cake is a bit by comedian Patton Oswalt.


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