Monday, December 5, 2011

Clear Channel to Replace Green960, San Francisco's Only AM Progressive Talk Station, With Glenn Beck, Other RWers as Election Year Begins

The only progressive AM radio talk station, Green960-KKGN, in one of the nation's most liberal cities, San Francisco, is being taken off the AM dial by radio behemoth Clear Channel Communications, Inc. --- a media conglomerate now owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital, LLC --- at the beginning of the 2012 Presidential election year.
Adding insult to injury for progressives in the Bay Area, the 960 slot on the dial is being replaced by Clear Channel with the likes of Glenn Beck, Fox News Radio's John Gibson and other radical Rightwing talkers, according to a press release  issued by the media giant last week, touting, in somewhat Orwellian terms, their "goal of expanding talk radio in San Francisco."
"We saw the opportunity to expand our footprint in this crucial arena as we head into an election year and a population increasingly engaged in local, state, and national events and activism," says Clear Channel's San Francisco Director of Operations Don Parker in the release.

One bright side for progressives in San Francisco, the popular Randi Rhodes, who is syndicated nationally by Premiere (Clear Channel's syndication arm) will continue in her current live Noon to 3p PT slot on the new KNEW-960. She'll also remain in the same live slot in the progressive line up on the HD2 band, though few are likely to hear her there, as very few Americans actually own an HD radio receiver.
Rhodes tells The BRAD BLOG there could be a potential upside to the format change which will leave her progressive voice, as well as Bill Press' in the pre-dawn hours, sprinkled in among the far Rightwingers…


  1. I was unaware that Clear Channel was owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital, LLC. This whole thing going on in the bay area stinks.

  2. Will this impact programming on KGOE?

  3. Smart people don't listen to AM talk shows.

  4. Charles, I don't think so.

    Joel, are you against talk shows?
    Do you only like underwritten talk shows?
    I am unaware of any place to hear Thom Hartmann on the FM dial in Humboldt County. Smart people listen to Thom Hartmann. If you haven't heard the show, I understand the ignorance of your statement.

  5. I enjoy shows that feature guests who know what they're talking about, and that's simply not the dominant format for talk shows. I learn more from Doug Henwood interviewing an economist for thirty minutes than I could ever learn from listening to a radio opinionator (even a smart one) for an eternity.

    Right-wing goofballs are attracted to talk radio for a reason.


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