Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eureka Police Sweep Homeless Camps In Near Freezing Temperatures

Here is the press release from EPD:

On the morning of 12/07/11, investigators with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) conducted an enforcement sweep of transient camps located in the greenbelt along the south end of Broadway.  This included behind K-Mart and the greenbelt/marshland areas west of Broadway from the 3300-4300 blocks (from Lithia Dodge to the Bayshore Mall).  The sweep was in response to on-going complaints the department has received from businesses and citizens concerning problems associated with the illegal campers in these areas.  These complaints include illegal dumping/trash disposal, trespassing, breaking and entering, vandalism (holes cut in fences etc.), thefts from vehicles, aggressive panhandling, disturbances/fights, and alcohol/drug abuse. 
During the week prior to the sweep, officers posted warning notices advising the subjects to vacate their illegal camps.   EPD’s Homeless Liaison, Pamlyn Millsap, also accompanied officers during the sweep and offered “linkage and referral” services to those who were contacted.  This included giving the individuals information about the local resources and services available to them. 
A total of approximately 28 individuals were contacted at numerous illegal camps, 4 of whom were arrested or cited (repeat offenders previously cited or warned).  The remainder were given warnings and instructed to remove their camps/belongings. *Large amounts of scattered and piled trash were located in the vicinity of these camps. Another clean-up crew is scheduled to come through the area in the near future. 

The 3 individuals cited and released were each given Notices to Appear for illegal camping and trash dumping (one was also cited for a dog registration violation). 

The subject arrested, William Dee Love (age 36), was taken into custody in the greenbelt area west of the 4300 block of Broadway for possession of methamphetamine (½ gram) and illegal camping. 

*John Shelter of the Northcoast Resource Center runs a volunteer clean-up program called “New Directions,” which frequently works with the City of Eureka/EPD in cleaning-up these camps.  When I last spoke with him in August of this year, he estimated that over the past 1 ½ years New Directions has removed approximately 128,000 pounds (64 tons) of trash from the marshland areas within the City of Eureka.


  1. Near-freezing is otherwise known as not-freezing.

  2. Anonymous 10:51 smells like an insurance lawyer. GFY, chap.

  3. EPD didn't actually tear down their camps or confiscate their camping equipment...
    What, so the police should just turn a blind eye and allow these individuals, many of whom choose this lifestyle of no responsibility, to continue to wreak havoc on the environment with their personal garbage dumps unchecked? Get off your butt, take a walk in the greenbelt (follow the well worn paths into the bushes where the camps are semi hidden), and see for yourselves.

  4. It is true that people without an address don’t tend to have regular garbage pick up service. They don’t have toilets or heat either. So taking away their tents solves the problem of garbage, heat and toilets how? The only answer is a campground for the poor. This way the garbage is always picked up at the same place which is cheaper than prowling all over the marsh and hill sides to find it. You also don’t have to kick people out into the cold at 3 am.

  5. i am writing a college paper about teaching homeless to camp and setting up camp grounds for the homeless which i am absolutely against this message is mainly for tom up there is there something wrong with you i mean honestly a campground for homeless.... we might as well send out fliers up down the west coast come one come all homeless people enjoy humboldt county we love homeless crackheads, parolees,sex offenders that break into cars assault each other cause fires and do drugs in a town we are trying to raise kids set up a camp that is the worst idea ive ever heard....... i have a friend who was in iraq he was on the epd a couple years back. one day my friend was talking about all the homeless parolees he had to arrest on a regular basis he says to me there all the same people i arrest them and two days later there back in the marsh or on the streets. then he tells me he liked iraq much better it was the same thing but over there he would just shoot them.............

  6. i might burn in hell but this is our solution.......

  7. Anonymous Mar 25, 2012 08:51 PM, I sure hope you learn something while you are in school because currently you are callous, harsh and ignorant.

    Just shoot people? That's the solution? Do you have any idea how much it costs to kill each Afghan terrorist? Did you know that the US paid compensation for each Afghan villager killed in the March 11th massacre 50-thousand dollars? That is what it cost to just shoot people. I would have to say that continually arresting people is cheaper than that and feeding and housing people costs even less. One US soldier in Afghanistan costs 850-thousand dollars per year. You can shoot and kill all the people you want but you cannot ignore the costs. That college of yours has their work cut out for them. I wish you luck because with your outlook on life, you’re going to need it.

  8. you look like a stupid ass hippie if we need to spend 850 gs a year to keep our soldiers safe then thats what we do its called Patriotism you would never last in the military you think welfare was meant for a career dont you. why dont those stupid dirt bumbs go over to Afghanistan and fight this war. and those people occuping the court house o ya lets let iran make nuclear rods those people are so stupid so when iran has a nuclear meltdown it will be our mess to clean it up god you people make me sick

    1. Amen
      My sister ran away from home (Lemoore) at 17 to meet up with her 19 yo girlfriend
      My parents have a dozen weekends trying to find her. She is bidding out in the camps in Eureka. The worse part...the kid shelters called the cops on my mom for hanging out all day waiting for my sister (tress passing).

  9. Tom, you are a wonderful and compassionate person. Anonymous from March 25 couldn't possible be in college and not know the different between "they're" and "there." What is it with conservatives and an inability to spell or punctuate?

    Homeless people in this country and county are not going to disappear, no matter how much heartless and callous people wish they would. Moving them out of one spot just creates a problem somewhere else. Where should they go? They have NO houses, people. Get it? It's not a question of they should drive somewhere else to exist. They have NO cars, people. What happened to the great "Christian ethic" of this country? Why is it Christians never seem to believe in the teachings of Christ?

    I think people who want to ignore this problem are the same people who go around ranting about how America is still the No. 1 country in the world, with no evidence to support that (and lot of evidence to refute it.) Ignorant people, wanting your country to be better is not unpatriotic. Helping people who are suffering is not unpatriotic. Trying to find a solution to a problem instead of averting your eyes and hoping it disappears is not only not unpatriotic, it's what this country was built on.

  10. I am a CR student writing a paper on Homelessness and the Governments responsibility to do something there are things that work we should concentrate on improving those services not the things we know don't work I mean come on people us Natives have been dealing with this stuff for over five hundred years since all ya all homeless first showed up.

  11. I am creating a page which documents all of the many brutal
    homeless camp clearings in California:

    California Homelessness Reporter

    Please let me know of you hear of any that I have missed!


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