Monday, December 12, 2011

Jack In The Box Closed Again

The price of their tacos was recently raised by an entire half cent per taco.  This bold move however was unable to stave off an overlooked or far too long put off maintenance project.  This has happened twice before.  The last time occurred just after a bankruptcy by the franchisee.  A poster to to this blog said it was because the store was inspected by corporate and received a 37 out of 100 for safety and food violations see Ace said... in the comments section.  I can't verify that but it is likely that this "closed for maintenance" closure has nothing to do with maintenance.

For what ever the reason, for the third time since the franchise entered the Eureka Ca. market, Jack in the Box has closed for maintenance.  Although the tacos are cheap (what could possibly be in a 50 cent taco), there are many items on the menu that the company makes money on. They also serve breakfast all day long. I worked the graveyard shift for a few years and can appreciate that. I am doing my best to eat less fast food as I learn what they put into their ingredients. I still like the mystery tacos though and treat them like sausage.  I don't want to know too much but I don't want to make them a staple of my diet either.

So what has closed down the clown that talks tough against other fast food giants in his commercials? It is the food? Filth? Taxes? The mob? Maintenance? Something just silly?
I'm sure someone will chime in and give us the skinny on this exciting fast food horror story.


  1. The Jack-in-the-Box Restaurant in Crescent City is also closed.

  2. Anonymous, from what I know from the last closing is that they are both owned by the same people.

  3. I think I have figured it out. Jack in the Box had recently released what they were calling their new "outlaw chicken sandwich". It is probably just a couple of sharp county District Attorney's General taking action.

  4. Who cares? And Jesus, Tom. You don't eat that shit, do you?

  5. Can you remove the comment above mine that has some very racially charged undertones.

  6. The racially charged post is gone.

    Anonymous 8:55 AM, I wrote much longer post about companies leaving the state to avoid paying their fair share. It so far has no posts in the comments section. I don't know why it is but when Jack in the Box closes, people care more about that than real news. Go figure. And yes I have been known to order 99 tacos for .2 cents.

    It is the same reason people care more about sports than where their company is moving to. People are entertained by the clown and sports and don't have time for the serious stuff. Heck, I even had more people interested in long lines than the garbage company leaving the state story.

    If this were a commercial blog, I would have to go after the clown and fast food or sports stories to draw readers.

  7. I've never been to this blog but arrived here after googling why the Eureka Jack in the Box was closed. I've lived up here for years and have never eaten at the Jack in the Box once. However, two weeks ago I wanted to try their breakfast burrito and a sign said they were closed. I woke up early this morning in the mood for a new breakfast burrito (and wanted it fast for my drive to Garberville) and it was closed.


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