Saturday, December 10, 2011

Long Lines?

I encountered some long lines while out doing some Christmas shopping today. Fortunately for me they weren't at the cash registers.

Here are some links to fun videow about the subject of chemtrails.

Not good enough?  Here is one from the History Channel:


  1. Beautiful. I love the almost artistic way contrails accent the sky.

  2. Wow, not a coincidence I noticed a huge U-turn contrail in the sky day before yesterday (thurs) just like above, that cut across at least four north to south straight lines. As i noticed and was watching the U-turn trail finish shape on the northeastern horizon, an additional north to south contrail formed to the east over blue lake-ish. They all hung for well over an hour and turned into the distinct fades as in the photos above.

  3. Really? Chemtrails? Give me a break. If these were more than contrails I think that the thousands of meteorologists and astrophysicists, who constantly are looking at the sky, would be interested in what is going on.


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