Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eyes, Orbs Or Reflections?

I was in a car with morning radio personality Rollin Trehearne at the wheel going between Williams Ca. and Clear Lake on Highway 20. I took some photos of the landscape and the sky at around 4 pm. The eyes, orbs, reflections or what ever only ended up on 4 pictures all taken within about 10 minutes of each other. Was it a reflection of something off the inside of the glass of the skylight and the windows? One picture is shot from the front window, two from the side and one through the sun roof. All were from my droid phone.
Weird stuff.


  1. My thought is that the two LED lights below the lens of my droid phone made the holes in the picture. The LED lights for flash photo sit one over the other below the photo lens. I was holding the camera sideways. This would put two objects into the picture for a reflection to bounce off of. It makes perfect sense but it's pretty funny in a car when you can't figure it out.

    I'm not sure if the reflection was directly off the flat clear cover of the two LED lights on the phone or from some infrared beam coming out of them.

    Once while testing out the night shot on my Sony Handy cam I stood in the dark of my living room. I was panning around and could see everything through the eye piece and then there was a bright flash of light. I was scared for a moment and pulled the camera away but could see nothing. I looked back into the eye piece and there was the light coming out of the end of the camera. I pulled the camera away and nothing except for the reflection from a large wall mirror showing a beam of light emanating from the camera that could only be seen through the camera. The beam of light that lives only in the mirror. I could not see it with the naked eye.

    I guess the moral of the story is, don't always believe what you see. Or if you see it in the mirror or in the camera, is it real? Is it more real than what we see when we look with our eyes and why am I always going on about such things?

    1. The listeners of Coast To Coast would disagree. They're real! They're out there!

  2. THE EYES OF THE MANTIS HAVE SEEN YOU!!!! oo-OOOOooo-ooooo....

    Here's some no-nonsense truth for the day: saturday, I was outside from 1pm to nightfall. At 2pm (I checked time) I noticed all the clouds appeared linear, and two planes way offshore, very high altitude, were leaving trails south-to-north. the planes were practically invisible, so far away, but the thick trails they were leaving were huge, couldn't miss them. Literally all day, not exagerating, planes flew south to north leaving horizon-to-horizon clouds that dissipated into a falling haze. I'm not bullshitting, every single cloud in the coastal sky saturday was created by airplanes flying south to north way off shore, very high altitude. I paid attention to at least five planes. Many more trails than that. After an hour, the trails were still very visible, but trailing down in a haze. Just about every time I looked, a new trail was being formed. Come sunset, the usual white foggy mist of the close of day was a very low-lying rusty brown, looked just like smog, all the way out to the ocean. That night they began issuing the freeze warnings. I'm not lying whatsoever, every cloud in teh western sky all of saturday was from the planes. I can't help but wonder what I was exposed to as this stuff slowly rained down all over the coast, blowing several miles inland.

  3. Wow, I missed that. I didn't get back into town until Sunday night. I have seen similar stuff before though.

  4. OMG. The Mayans were right.


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