Sunday, January 22, 2012

Japan Incinerating Radioactive Waste

Russ Baker writing at business Insider dot com does a good job of catching us up on what has happened, is happening and what needs to happen in regards to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear triple melt down last year in Japan. Radiation has spewed world wide by now and it continues to accumulate in the food chain. This article gives a good breakdown on the different types of radiation and how they effect the human body and ecosystems. Things aren't getting any better either as they are now burning radioactive trash in Japan. Here is an excerpt from the article written 3 days ago :
Instead of collecting, isolating, and guarding the millions of tons of radioactive rubble that resulted from the chain reaction of the 9.0 earthquake, the subsequent 45- to 50-foot wall of water that swamped the plant and disabled the cooling systems for the reactors, and the ensuing meltdowns, Japanese Environment Minister Goshi Hosono says that the entire country must share Fukushima’s plight by accepting debris from the disaster.
Read more: and watch the video below and if all you see is an empty box click this you tube link:

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