Saturday, January 21, 2012

Local Musician Passes

He was one of my first hires as a manager at the radio station. Mark Vigil worked on 1480 am mixing the Imus In The Morning show.

One morning he collapsed from a heart attack. St. Joe's patched him up but it took some time and we eventually changed the morning show to one that did not require board op. I stayed in touch with Mark over the years as he got back on his feet and started writing music again. Last year under the name MVP for Mark Vigil Project, he released his latest C.D. called  "I believe In You" which was the first single from the album. That song got some airplay nation wide and here in Eureka at Power 96.3. It was a total pop love song that Mark said he wrote about one of the nurses that helped him after his heart attack. That song was followed up with the song "You Better Know Why", which because it had a steel guitar in it, Mark wanted to release as a country tune. He did and it rose just around #40 on the charts. It is a great song and could cross over to to the Power format, I have played it there but country is where the song was getting the airplay that Mark said was bringing in royalty checks. 

Mark had an interesting life playing and writing music.  He worked for the Oakland Raiders and knew Al Davis.  He even claims to have invented the duck call toy sold at Disney Ducks Hockey games.  He claimed that members of his family had somehow stolen the patent and were receiving all of the royalties.  When I last talked to him he told me he had saved enough money to hire a good lawyer to get to the bottom of all of that.

I last saw Mark at the station where he stopped by to show off his two L.A. Music awards for the two hit songs he had written. I took the picture above that day on November 15th. and expected I would see him again in his new life as a country music star. That was not to happen. Mark died on New Years Day of natural causes. He left behind a beautyful daughter named Chelsea and a lot of stunned friends.  Mark will be missed by many.
The link below is video of Mark Vigil on the red carpet going into last years L.A. Music Awards.

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