Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something Kinetic Going On At 5th & F Street Eureka

The former Plaza Design store at 5th and F in Eureka has some interesting things going on inside tonight.  People were scurrying around and getting ready for Arts Alive! this Saturday January the
7th. from 6 to 9 pm and an after hours party to follow.

 What is interesting is this will be a second Kinetic Sculpture Museum.  The one in Ferndale is still there and will stay while this, the new downtown Eureka site will be room for more sculptures . The other one is too small and has had to turn racing machines/mobile art work away.  From all that I could see Arts Alive! will be their grand opening.

At the Humboldt Sentinel which already reported on this last month, the curator said on Christmas Day:

Randall Frost, former curator Ferndale Kinetic Museum says:
Great news, though a little clarification may be in order. Saying that “the Kinetic Sculpture Race Museum has been re-established in Humboldt County” may give one the impression that it had been lost at some point. On the contrary, the museum has been and is still in it’s original Ferndale home. Yes, “race” has been dropped from the name, the interior has been updated and the number of machines has decreased by about 25%, but it’s still the home of Kinetic Madness that it always was.
In the end this is all good news. The Ferndale Museum has no extra storage facility, so many wonderful sculptures have been turned away over the years. Now, with another museum in Humboldt County people will have even more opportunity to see all the amazing works associated with this incredible event, not to mention the art work of the “Glorious Founder”, Hobart Brown.
R.J. Frost
Former Curator, Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Museum

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