Monday, February 20, 2012

3rd. District Candidate Karen Brooks Holds Ice Cream Social Today

In celebration of Presidents Holiday, 3rd district candidate, Karen Brooks is hosting an ice cream social at the Mad River Grange from 1 to 3 pm today in Blue Lake. (Feb. 20th). The grange is located at 110 Hatchery Road in the center of town. This is a free event, but guests are asked to bring two cans for food for the Blue Lake food pantry.

Hot Fudge sundaes will be served while guests meet Karen Brooks and hear her vision for the county. There will also be a district map to show the people of Blue Lake where the boundary for the fifth and third district falls.

The 5th district is currently held by conservative Ryan Sundberg and the 3rd is held by progressive Mark Lovelace.  Karen Brooks is a conservative and hopes to unseat Lovelace in the next election.


  1. I like Karen Brooks as a person. I don't really care for her politics. That said, she is engaging and willing to talk to people about how to make the world a better place. If you go, be sure to ask her the hard questions, she isn't afraid to give you an answer. She will also try to find out what you think about any given subject and why.

    Karen ran against Wesley Chesbro for the 1st Assembly District last time she ran for office and lost. Wesley is a very popular politician and had she won, it would have been a major upset.

    That experience didn't phase her though as now she is running against Mark Lovelace who is also very popular in Humboldt County. She must be hoping he is more popular county wide than in the 3rd district.

  2. Not sure how 'popular' vs. 'known' I would say to Mr. Lovelace. However he is nested in the center of Arcata, but his re-election launch had about 12 people there.

    Anti smart meter is a good first step.

  3. I'm sure one of these days she'll post some 'ideas' on her website. Until then, I guess she doesn't have any.


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