Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is Art Bell Back On Overnight Radio?

I am still trying to get confirmation from Premiere Radio Networks on this.  ABC News is reporting that the king of overnight radio Art Bell is in fact back live on the radio overnights.

They say he is even on for 5 hours instead of 4, which is the length the show originally was.

See the ABC Story
Update:  As suspected, this is an old story.


  1. The story isn't time stamped with the year so this very well could be an old story. I should know sometime today.

  2. This is a very old story. This is about when Art returned after Mike Siegel was doing the show for about a year. Way before Noory came into the picture.

    1. Additionally, when you do a search for "art bell" on the ABC entertainment section, you get this as a result:

      Weird Radio Host Art Bell Returns
      Late-Night Radio Host Art Bell Comes Out of Retirement
      Feb 06, 2001 07:06 AM Story from Entertainment Edward Mazza, ABC News

      So, unfortunately, this is a really old story.

  3. Thanks. I was going to update this yesterday when I got a call back from Premiere but I had to go up the mountain with my engineer to fix a sick transmitter.

    1. Wish the story was real. It would be awesome to have Art back on the air for 5 hours a night. Even if it was only one day a week...:-)

  4. yes we want Art back!


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