Thursday, February 23, 2012

WikiLeaks: Saudis often warned U.S. about oil speculators

McClatchy News:

WASHINGTON — When oil prices hit a record $147 a barrel in July 2008, the Bush administration leaned on Saudi Arabia to pump more crude in hopes that a flood of new crude would drive the price down. The Saudis complied, but not before warning that oil already was plentiful and that Wall Street speculation, not a shortage of oil, was driving up prices.
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  1. I've always contended the excuses given for high gas prices are crap.

    It's been my belief for many years that oil speculators are THE MAIN REASON consumers get jerked around like a puppet.

    They should be held accountable for tanking our economy every time they go on a greed binge!
    Everyone talks...but no one does anything.

  2. I watched a movie called "Inside Job" tonight. On the entire subject of what the heck is going on, I suggest watching the movie.

  3. Housing is gone and now the banksters are betting on our food and energy. Monsanto just won a lawsuit allowing them to patent seeds and make those that save and share them criminals.

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