Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How To Deal With The Homeless by Anonymous

In response to my suggestions that the homeless in Eureka need a campground, Anonymous commented that it would be easier just to shoot them.

i am writing a college paper about teaching homeless to camp and setting up camp grounds for the homeless which i am absolutely against this message is mainly for tom up there is there something wrong with you i mean honestly a campground for homeless.... we might as well send out fliers up down the west coast come one come all homeless people enjoy humboldt county we love homeless crackheads, parolees,sex offenders that break into cars assault each other cause fires and do drugs in a town we are trying to raise kids set up a camp that is the worst idea ive ever heard....... i have a friend who was in iraq he was on the epd a couple years back. one day my friend was talking about all the homeless parolees he had to arrest on a regular basis he says to me there all the same people i arrest them and two days later there back in the marsh or on the streets. then he tells me he liked iraq much better it was the same thing but over there he would just shoot them.............

Here is the response I left for this poor, uninformed sick person:
Anonymous Mar 25, 2012 08:51 PM, I sure hope you learn something while you are in school because currently you are callous, harsh and ignorant.

Just shoot people?  That's the solution? Do you have any idea how much it costs to kill each Afghan terrorist?  Did you know that the US paid compensation for each Afghan villager killed in the March 11th massacre 50-thousand dollars?  That is what it cost to just shoot people.  I would have to say that continually arresting people is cheaper than that and feeding and housing people costs even less.  One US soldier in Afghanistan costs 850-thousand dollars per year.  You can shoot and kill all the people you want but you cannot ignore the costs.  That college of yours has their work cut out for them.  I wish you luck because with your outlook on life, you’re going to need it.


  1. Thanks for addressing that guy's ignorance. I'm so glad and lucky that I haven't been homeless or mentally ill - or both. Of COURSE homeless people will be arrested, because it's a crime to be homeless.

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  3. What's really scary is this guy is going to college (which normally indicates some degree of intelligence)yet his world view is already formed - and it's plain to see that his take on the world is twisted with unreasonable hate, that he's totally uniformed, and just down right stupid!
    I wonder when he'll run for office - he ought to fit right in with some politicians.

  4. Before finishing that college paper, this guy could seriously use a remedial English course. Perhaps even two. Repeatedly.


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