Friday, March 30, 2012

Little, Mad River

Mad River from under Hammond Trail Bridge  looking toward Arcata  on the evening of 3-30-12.  Across the river and down a few of hundred yards are several homes. 

The heavy rain we have experienced the past few days gave us a break today and allowed local rivers and streams to peak and recede. There is still more rain expected but not like what we have seen.

Little River Ca. 6:30 ish pm 3-30-12
The Little River which runs between Clam Beach and Moonstone Beach was spilling all over the valley that is now home  to cattle and goats and sheep. The town of Crannell used to be just east of this picture.

I have heard of no damage from these two rivers due to the high water today but things were close on the Mad. The Little River is more of a big creek without a dam so small floods are expected during big rains.

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