Monday, March 5, 2012

Peter B. Collins News Feed Added

Former AM radio talk show host Peter B. Collins who still does regular podcasts on an almost daily basis is now doing a news and commentary segment.  Two to three times a week you can listen to Peter B. Collins doing an update of the latest news and political events in his own professional style.

 All you need to do is click one of the two links just below the Green Report to the right of this post.  The link from March 2nd even has a quick interview with Brad Blog of the Green Report.

 At the bottom of the printed news cast overview you will see a small audio mp3 button.  Click that and a window opens with audio just like the Green Report. You don't have to subscribe and it is all free!

Note: The Peter B. Collins logo box farther below on the right that looks like the one on this post is just a link to the Peter B. Collins web site where you can sample his podcasts and contact him.

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