Monday, March 5, 2012

Two Theories For Last Week's Tornados In The South And Midwest

Pat Robertson says it's because there wasn't enough prayer.

A serious weather buff on youtube has another theory, HAARP.

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  1. Sigh.

    I miss the good old days when "harp" referred to what Angels play to please God and the residents of opposed to HAARP-- what (IMO) the fasco-capitalist-corporatist-global elites use to play with the weather and the fates of humanity!

    I DO believe that prayer can stop tornadoes. It's powerful stuff! However, I propose that Mr. Robertson ought to use his platform to call for prayer for the healing, and comfort, and means with which to rebuild their lives, of those affected by these tragedies. That seems more useful than using his media outlet to blame the victims for "building homes in places where tornadoes are apt to happen"!

    Certainly people ought to use discretion in choosing safe places to build their homes--but in these days of HAARP, and a planet that has been so abused that all of Her systems seem radically out of balance--crazy and unpredictable (except, perhaps, by the aforementioned fasco-capitalist-corporatist-global-elite!) disasters are happening all over the place! And, even if the times (and weather) WEREN'T so imbalanced and crazy--I can more easily imagine Lord Jesus responding to these tragedies with compassion and active loving-kindness--than a lecture about how the victims should have chosen "safer" places to live.

    That's my three cents, anyway!

    Thank you for posting this! The weather analysis video is fascinating!


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