Sunday, April 22, 2012

No More Boat In Camping At Stone Lagoon Until Further Notice

A sign posted at the Stone Lagoon boat ramp says that the camp ground across the water is closed as the parking lot for overnight parking. This is a California State Park and due to budget cuts, the camp ground is closed until further notice. 

It doesn't say that you can't go over to the campground and picnic for the day, you would have to leave at sun down though.  Kayaking is still allowed during daylight hours. Too bad California can't afford to keep it's wonderful parks open though.  There is no telling how long this will stay closed.

For those that have never been there, Stone Lagoon is on the Pacific Ocean, about 45 to 50 miles north of Eureka Ca. There is a nice primitive camp ground that is almost impossible to get to except by boat. The camp sites are wooded, have a picnic bench, camp fire ring and there are pit toilets. Some of them have a nice view of the lagoon.  The lagoon has a sand spit between it and the ocean that breaks through every few years.  This year the lagoon got so full that it broke through to the ocean.  This allows salmonoids to enter and exit the lagoon and is just part of the cycle of life in a lagoon like this one. 


  1. I hike the trail from Dry Lagoon to Stone Lagoon campsites alot. Its not steep and goes through a unique pine forest area.

  2. While you can walk to the campground from the parking area at Dry Lagoon, you cannot park there overnight. So there is no place to park overnight without getting a citation.

  3. When I walked in years ago and camped, there was a place that the rangers would have you park. Cant remember the exact location though.


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