Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What is Chelsey Henry and what does Stacey Lawson have to do with it?

What is Chelsey Henry and what does Stacey Lawson have to do with it?

Chelsey Henry Inc. is a company that markets handbags and leather laptop sleeves among other things.  They are manufactured in China and imported for sale here in the U.S.  A reliable source close to me has sent me the following about Stacey Lawson and her business skills while “Director” of the company.


In her public appearances and campaign messaging, Lawson never fails to tout her business experience as one of her main strengths. Though Lawson certainly has marketing talent, recent evidence reveals her managerial abilities to be highly questionable and largely a myth. In this area she has, again, misled the voters of the 2nd Congressional district. On-line purse and luggage retailer Chelsey Henry, Inc was launched by two co-principals, Chelsey Owen and Henry Lin, in 2002. Lawson became a Director and Chairman a few years after this, continuing in this role until 2010. Thus Lawson became a director sometime after the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley law, which added new responsibilities for corporate board members. One of the co-founders (Owen) also claimed a role in developing Lawson’s start-up, InPart (in the 1990s), and may be connected with one of Pillai’s Indian businesses (Brzee Enterprises.) (6B)

From 2002 through 2010 Chelsey Owen was a registered owner, President and Director, Lin was an owner, and from around 2004 through 2010 Stacey Lawson was Chairman or Director. These three were the only responsible corporate owners and officers mentioned in a November 2007 Securities and Exchange commission filing at the time that Chelsey Henry received over $1 Million from venture capital investors, indicating they comprised, in fact, the responsible management team.(6B)

According to records from the King county, WA recorders office, nine separate federal tax liens involving 15 separate charges, totaling over $350,000 were filed against Chelsey Henry, Inc. between October 2008 and March 2010  These charges were for quarterly reporting periods from Oct-Dec. 2006 through September 30, 2009. There are no records indicating this tax was ever paid or the liens specifically released. In addition, the state of Washington filed tax warrants for non-payment of taxes and unemployment insurance on three separate occasions totaling $6,284. The last state of Washington non-payment filing was in June 2010. [King County Superior Court Case # 10-2-22172-7] (6B)

There is much more which I may share with you at a later date.  Until then, see this blog that seems to have some of the same information I have here


  1. Tom, who is your reliable source?

  2. A very reliable one. They didn't want to go public.
    Contact me at the station if you want to get involved and learn more.

  3. I worked for Chelsey Henry in 2005-2006 and there were some very shady things happening while I worked there.

  4. All the more reason to vote for Huffman. Zingo!

  5. Try this site also:

  6. Stacey and chelsey Owen have been friend's since their school days in Port Angeles. chelsey has run several companies into the ground. They are both money hungry social climbers. Chelsey is currently living with Rob Harris, owner and CEO of PMI who was a business partner. All of their activities have always been incestuous.

  7. Aww, c'mon, Tom, you are straightforward, and use your name to post your opinions and information.

    In something THIS important, why do you not demand others follow that same standard? Who's writing this drivel? And then conveniently commenting - anonymously, and out of the blue - on a little known Humboldt County blog (all HC blogs are little known, it's not an insult) - whoever it is, if the stuff is true and if they are truly offended, then they should stand up and speak out, not be hiding in the shadows.



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