Monday, May 28, 2012

Yet More Kinetic Photos

Here is a video of Big Foot

Here is another with an ant

Kinetic Photos Part 2

More photos from day 1 of the Kinetic Grand Championship 3 day race from Arcata to Ferndale Ca.

Day one starts on the Arcata Plaza at Noon.  They racers head south to Samoa and cross the sand dunes as they head out to the beach.  They have to climb dead man's drop before plunging down the other side where they head out of the mosquito infested dunes to the Samoa Bridge, Once across the bridge they stage in Old Town Eureka over night.

Day two is the water crossing. This year they went in at the Warfinger Building at the new Eureka marina and came out of the bay at the boat ramp near Halversoen Park ( just under the Samoa bridge ). From there they head to Crab Park just outside of Ferndale for a closed party.  In the morning they usually go up the slimy slippery slope but this year they just headed  down roads to Fernbridge where they were allowed to cross at Noon before they headed into Ferndale Ca. 

Kinetic Photos Part 1

Here are some photos of the machines on day one of the great 3 day race from Arcata to Ferndale Ca.

Today is the final day of the race and parties are going on in Ferndale.

Winning is not important.  It's all for the glory!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trinidad Pier Almost Ready For Prime Time

The old pier is gone and the new one built right over the old one in the same location is almost ready to open.  There are many improvements over the old one.  The new one has steel pilings and a concrete deck. The old one was made of wood.  

There will be walk lights along the railing all the way down.  Also improved are the facilities for commercial crab fishers with new buildings and 4 new hoists to bring crab up to the pier from the boats below.  A new ramp down to the boat dock is also a nice improvement.  Lots of shiny aluminum for railing and fixtures too. 

The Kiosk

The debut of a new information kiosk took place yesterday during a G-8 / NATO protest at the Humboldt County Courthouse. One stop shopping for everything you wanted to know about NATO and the G-8 and other stuff like a flyer promoting a free movie on Thursday. "The Fourth World War " is a movie about the war on people from the producers of "This is What Democracy Looks Like" will be shown at 6:30 pm at the Labor Temple, 840 E. Street May 24th. Free Admission, Popcorn, Coffee Tea and Discussion following.

The Kiosk is courtesy of "Occupy Civil Liberties Working Group"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Trinidad Bay Watershed Night Tonight

Trinidad Bay Watershed Night

Luffenholtz Creak at Luffenholtz Beach Trinidad
Trinidad Bay Watershed Night is a casual poster symposium. This event highlights and celebrates the efforts of local groups and agencies within the Trinidad Watersheds to maintain and improve our coastal waters and communities through poster displays and a slideshow. Trinidad Bay Watershed Night will be held at the Trinidad Town Hall on Friday May 18th, 2012 from 6 to 9pm. This casual event is a great way to connect with or meet new colleagues, volunteers, and friends. Refreshments and beverages will be served. This family friendly evening also includes a collection of artwork from Trinidad Elementary students and precedes our local Ocean Week.

Time 6-9 p.m. Friday (tonight)

Phone 707-499-6454

Venue Trinidad Town Hall

Cost Free

Saturday Protest Of NATO G8 Summit in Eureka

From Communities For Peace And Justice:

 Rising Up To Stop  NATO  In Chicago
(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
The Global One Percent can only be maintained in power
by the U.S. war machine.

Eureka's Share Of Nationwide Protest in support
Sat. May 19   Noon
Eureka Courthouse  I and 5th
We're  gathering as part of peoples outrage
at what's happening in Chicago, where  the
 Empire Is Holding Its War Council

We find the administration has imposed the most draconian
police state legal structures in U.S. history.

Americans are continuously shown now that any protest
of this regimes  rulings and controls are no longer tolerated,
while it's up to us Americans to dismantle this machine.
Our anti-war movement is now confronted by a growing fascist infrastructure here at home, as it opposes imperial crimes, abroad.

We'll be putting up an information kiosk on the lawn to cover our handout  literature, which has for generation been what any group in rallies or parties at picnics have used, BUT NOT UNDER THIS LOCAL GOVERNMENT ON COUNTY PROPERTY, NOT SINCE PROTEST HAS BECOME CRIMINALIZED IN EUREKA ,no longer being permitted these past months of 'Occupy Eureka's time here. Again, as in past non violent presence we mean only to do what has been the authentic practices of every kind of protests in this country for generations
and every bit a part of our First Amendment Rights.

The NATO pact accounts for 70 percent of military spending on the planet -
combining the capacities of yesterday's imperialists and the current superpower. Obama is seen, ironically, as the last best hope of the old colonial racial order and the rule of capital."

Wendy’s Closure Ads To List Of Chains That Have Left Eureka

The only Humboldt County Wendy’s fast food restaurant closed its doors for good last night.  The Wendy’s on
6th Street
in Eureka provided 32 local jobs according to KIEM news channel 3. Employees reportedly were told of the closing just before it actually happened.  The loss of jobs is what hurts.  There is still a great place to get hamburgers less than a block from there called Mike’s Garlic Fries.  It is locally owned but doesn’t provide local jobs except for the family that runs it.

Last year both KFC restaurants closed in Eureka.  One has become a Church’s Fried Chicken and the other is set to open as an independent Chinese food restaurant.  Also closed last year was the only local Jack In The Box franchise.  While the city of Arcata to the north has strict rules about where a fast food or chain restaurant may locate in that town, and places restrictions on drive thru businesses, Eureka which embraces the concept, can’t seem to keep them around.

Still, it would be better for our local economy if the Wendy’s reopened as Tony’s # 3 or another Starz Hamburgers both local businesses.  Across the street from the now defunct Wendy’s is another great local restaurant,  Porter St. BBQ where one can get a killer Tri Tip sandwich or chicken cooked over a hot oak fire.

I say if the chains don’t want to come here and help us get fat, let the locals expand.  If there is a real need for more restaurants, the locals will fill that need.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Peter B. Collins In For Karel On AM 1480 Tomorrow

Karel was on the air today but missed his last hour due to a terrible cold. Before he went away though, he let us in that former KGOE afternoon talk show host Peter B. Collins will fill in for him tomorrow (Wednesday) from 3 to 6 pm. That is Peter B.'s old time slot. Feel free to call in and talk to Peter B. has he fills in live from Marin County at his home studios.

Peter B. Collins was the first progressive talk host to grace the airwaves of KGOE since it quit simulating KGO. He came to the station just after George W. Bush announced that we were going to war in Iraq against a guy that had nothing to do with 9/11. We all know how things turned out. Osama Bin Laden is no longer running Iraq, Barack Obama killed Saddam Hussein in Pakistan, and Peter B. Collins is no longer president of the US and is still raising money to build his library.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cattle Like Sports, Talk and New Music.

Radio station vehicle gets stuck in mud.

The Bicoastal Media Chevy Trailblazer sunk into a cow pasture this afternoon. I was with my transmitter engineer and we were attempting to reach the kgoe tower when we hit fake dry land. There was about an inch of dry dirt on top of about 8 to 10 inches of cow poop and mud.

After a hike back up the hill to call a tow truck we noticed from the studios that the cows had become interested in the vehicle that was now their new favorite thing.

The nice guy at Buddy's Towing had us out in a jiffy. We gave him an ESPN 1340 T-shirt and signed something that looked like a bill my boss has to pay. Luckily for me the cows only licked and kissed the vehicle, mostly on the back where ESPN has it's logo and on the Power 96 and KGOE side. I presume that's what they mostly listen to. Talk, Sports and today's best music. I would have thought they would like KRED more but I guess cows don't like getting pushed around by cowboys all that much.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is Tom Cookman Blaming Mark Lovelace For Fall Of Pacific Lumber?

Local conservative activist Tom Cookman  who regularly appears on KINS Community Comment has decided to attack 3rd district supervisor Mark Lovelace for not calling him back. Cookman also seems to blame Mark Lovelace for Pacific Lumber cutting beyond the rate of growth and going out of business. I’m not sure why Cookman blames Lovelace instead of Charles Hurwitz?
Play the audio of Cookman’s latest community comment and tell me where I’ve gone wrong interpreting this. Was it not Hurwitz that stole the retirement funds of Pacific Lumber?  Wasn’t it Hurwitz that turned the entire company into nothing but junk bonds?  Didn’t they cut faster than the rate of growth just to pay the interest on the bonds?

If Mark Lovelace hasn’t returned the calls of Tom Cookman, that is a legitimate gripe. To blame Lovelace on the collapse of Pacific Lumber seems to be grasping at straws. I’m sure someone will set me straight on this.

Monday, May 7, 2012

College Cove Beach Ca.

A short hike from the parking lot just off Old Stagecoach Rd. about a mile or two north of Trinidad is a breath taking view of College Cove. A secluded beach with a small waterfall is surrounded by rocks of all shapes.  A sea cave or arch that divides College Cove from Trinidad State Beach  can be seen in the middle picture. The weather over the weekend may return by mid week sometime. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free Yoga Class Friday At Trinidad Art Night!

It's the return of Trinidad Art Night in Trinidad Ca.  On the first Friday of every month between May and October 2012, the tiny town of Trinidad gets it's art on from 6 to 9 pm.  The Pilot Rock Ramblers will perform in memory of the late Ned Simmons owner of Trinidad Art 490 Trinity St.

Susan Morton's Redwood Express wagon pulled by Belgian draft horses will be offering rides through town until sundown.  Rides start at a hitching post near WindanSea.

Unfortunately my favorite pizza joint, The Catch Cafe has closed but there are events at several other great places in town. Check out art and live music at Beachcomber Cafe and poetry at Trinidad Museum.  Also live music in front of Salty's from 6 to 7. For more information go to That's

The free yoga class will be next to Murphy's market at Oshum Yoga from 6 to 7 pm.

US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur