Friday, May 18, 2012

Saturday Protest Of NATO G8 Summit in Eureka

From Communities For Peace And Justice:

 Rising Up To Stop  NATO  In Chicago
(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
The Global One Percent can only be maintained in power
by the U.S. war machine.

Eureka's Share Of Nationwide Protest in support
Sat. May 19   Noon
Eureka Courthouse  I and 5th
We're  gathering as part of peoples outrage
at what's happening in Chicago, where  the
 Empire Is Holding Its War Council

We find the administration has imposed the most draconian
police state legal structures in U.S. history.

Americans are continuously shown now that any protest
of this regimes  rulings and controls are no longer tolerated,
while it's up to us Americans to dismantle this machine.
Our anti-war movement is now confronted by a growing fascist infrastructure here at home, as it opposes imperial crimes, abroad.

We'll be putting up an information kiosk on the lawn to cover our handout  literature, which has for generation been what any group in rallies or parties at picnics have used, BUT NOT UNDER THIS LOCAL GOVERNMENT ON COUNTY PROPERTY, NOT SINCE PROTEST HAS BECOME CRIMINALIZED IN EUREKA ,no longer being permitted these past months of 'Occupy Eureka's time here. Again, as in past non violent presence we mean only to do what has been the authentic practices of every kind of protests in this country for generations
and every bit a part of our First Amendment Rights.

The NATO pact accounts for 70 percent of military spending on the planet -
combining the capacities of yesterday's imperialists and the current superpower. Obama is seen, ironically, as the last best hope of the old colonial racial order and the rule of capital."

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